Sainsbury’s magazine shares its ‘Kitchen Secrets’ in a tasty new blog

Saturday 1 September 2012

LONDON, 31st August 2012
, Looking for new food inspiration? Sainsbury’s magazine, Britain’s most widely read monthly glossy, launches its online presence with its first ever blog Kitchen Secrets at on 5 September. The blog will be serving up the hottest food trends, cooking tips and tempting recipes every week to keen cooks who want more than their regular monthly fix of the print title.

With mouthwatering original online posts from the award-winning magazine’s food team, led by editor Helena Lang and food director Sarah Randell, the new blog will be regularly updated with the latest culinary tips and tricks, how-to videos and exclusive recipes. Plus there will be news, views and recipes from well-known contributors such as Lorraine Pascale and Eric Lanlard.

The brand-new food blog is simple to navigate too, with separate recipe, trend and treat filters and easily identifiable tags of keywords, so you can find your favourite blog posts, make comments, swap tips, chat to other readers and share the latest news and videos through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. With fabulous food pictures too, following the blog will be a real visual feast!

To launch the blog, Kaushy Patel, chef/owner at Prashad, Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant 2010 shares a pea and cauliflower curry and one of our favourite baking gurus, Eric Lanlard, passes on his how-to tips for chocolate writing in a step-by-step video. There are exclusive foodie offers and treats from top tea rooms, and meals to win at some of the team’s favourite restaurants. Must-make recipes include a summer pudding traybake and a ‘something for the weekend’ cocktail.

That’s not all - with a monthly newsletter sign up option, we’ll make sure you’re always kitchen ready!

Log on now and discover your favourite Kitchen Secrets HERE, or pick up the conversation at

Selling over 244,000 copies every issue, Sainsbury’s magazine, produced by Seven, now has more readers than any other monthly glossy paid-for magazine, making it the UK’s widest-read, fully paid-for monthly in Britain, with just under 4 million readers every month (NRS)

As a big fan of their magazine, I'm really excited about this!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Marie, I also love Sainsbury's mag and this was the first I had heard of the blog. Unfortunately your link isn't working - sends you off to a totally different place.
    May I also say I love your blog too and look forward to seeing your posts in my reader everyday.

  2. Bev, many thanks for your kind words! I fixed the link and it appears to be working now, but just in case, just copy and paste this in your browser. It's most impressive!

  3. Darn, wish I could get the magazine! Ah well, I shall enjoy the blog! :)

  4. I didn't even know that the magazine had a website!! Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon ;0)


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