Corn Chowder

Thursday 7 February 2013

 Corn Chowder

We've had a very dry day today, but it is bitterly cold with a strong wind from the North which just bites through you. Its  pretty frigid really.   

The sun almost more than makes up for it though. One feels as if they could almost forgive anything when the sun is shining, and I have always said there is nothing prettier than England on a sunny day!

Corn Chowder

Sunshine or not, this is the type of day that just begs for a warming soup for supper. We are wanting something filling, and hot.

We are craving a REAL belly-warmer-filler-upper!!!  Something and warming and substantial, but not necessarily difficult or lengthy to make.  Oh, I do so love Winter food . . . don't you?

Corn Chowder

A frigid cold day like today calls for something filling like a filling chowder.  A filling chowder just like this corn chowder.   

So what is a chowder you ask and why is it different than a soup? 

A chowder is a thick, creamy milky and thick type of soup. It is  usually made with fish or vegetables.  Clam and sea food chowders are very popular where I grew up in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Corn Chowder

The origins of the word chowder are relatively obscure. It is often thought to have originated with the French word "Chaudiere." This was the type of pot first used to cook these warming supper soups in.  

They are soups with very strong maritime ties . . . of the North American kind. And to be honest, it was the French were the first settlers there in the maritimes.

Corn Chowder

  At the end of the day it doesn't really matter though . . . how it got it's name or where it originated.  What matters most is that it tastes good and is comforting on a cold day like today.   

I like the thought that whether across the ocean in Nova Scotia, or here in Chester, I can enjoy a nice hot bowl of corn chowder. Rich, creamy and milky. With lots of bits of corn stirred through, and a nice knob of butter melting on the top.

 Corn Chowder

Me, this Canadian girl . . . I like to enjoy it with crisp salted crackers.   Italian ones now . . . as that is all I can get over here that are like the Saltines from back home.   

The other half . . . the Brit in him likes it with a thick slice of bread. Crackers or bread aside, this is comfort food. Its plain and simple.   I like that.

 Corn Chowder

*Corn Chowder*
Makes 4 servings
Printable Recipe

I have been making this for years and years.  It was always one of my children's favourite soups and it quite easy and cheap to make as well.  It's one of those very comforting things that seems to enrich your soul as well as feed your belly.  I like it with buttered crackers, but Todd, he's so English . . . he wants it with bread.

1 medium onion, peeled and chopped coarsely
2 stalks of celery, trimmed and chopped coarsely(try to include some of the leaves)
2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped coarsely
2 ounces of streaky bacon  chopped coarsely, or proscuitto
4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
2 cups water
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp summer savoury
2 cups milk
1 14 ounce tin of creamed corn
1 knob of butter

Place the streaky bacon (or proscuitto) into a large saucepan and heat over medium heat.  If necessary you may add a bit of butter to keep it from sticking.  Once it has begun to brown and render out some of it's fat add the celery, onion, carrots and potatoes.  Stir and sweat over medium heat until they begin to soften.  Add the water, making sure it covers all the vegetables.  Season to taste with some salt and black pepper and add the savoury.  Allow to simmer until the vegetables are tender, about 15 minutes.  Stir in the milk and the creamed corn.  Gently heat to a simmer without boiling.  Adjust the seasoning as necessary.  Add the knob of butter and serve in heated bowls with crackers or bread.  Delicious!


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  3. Hi, Cooking is my one of part time passion and really enjoy your post when i read this. We also provide Cooking course UK. Thank you for sharing this post.

  4. What ? No buns?!!

    Our girls love corn chowder Marie..

  5. My grandmothers recipe is almost the same, but she did not put carrots in it. I don't know why sounds good to me. I will try it next time. Whenever I am not well I always want to eat corn chowder. Then I can feel her arms around me and that always makes me feel better.

  6. Mmmmm...perfect! We have a storm coming through. This will be a great soup to serve.

  7. simply perfect... a bowl full of heavenly delights... my ultimate comfort food for days like this x

  8. Can you buy creamed corn in most stores

  9. It is in many stores scorpio66. I get mine in Morrisons. I have also seen it in Tesco and Sainsbury's. It is in the tinned vegetables aisle.

  10. Hi Marie, I am new to your blog via Facebook and I just have one question for you please.. The recipe book you mention "The Big Blue Binder".. are all of the recipes you have here on your blog from 2009 to present found in this binder? I am constantly on the lookout for a good recipe book and I am hoping that your binder is up to date before I decide to purchase it.. Thank you ever so much for your time. ~SuzyJC from Colorado/USA~
    P.S. please contact me here:

  11. Hi Susan. MY Big Blue Binder is a cookbook that I wrote about using recipes from a Big Blue Binder that I have dragged around the world. It is not recipes from my English Kitchen per se, but more or less my tried and trues. Great, always work, recipes that I have gathered since I was in my twenties. I am 38 now, so that's a long time! Occasionally one will make it's way onto my blog, but generally I try to keep them separate because the blog is about my cooking experiences in the UK. I have written some cookbooklets, a Christmas one, a Picnic one and a Tea party one, which you will find behind the sections at the top of my blog. They are quite popular and contain some of my own artwork. IN any case, welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy being
    here! xxoo

  12. I made this tonight and it is DELICIOUS!!! My son is bacon lover so I can not wait to see his reaction!

  13. Hi Yoki, so glad you enjoyed and then took the time to come back and tell me! You made my day! xxoo


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