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Thursday 9 May 2013

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It was about a year or so ago now that I discovered a delightful site called Pinterest.  My friend Julie introduced me to it, and it wasn't long before I was "pinning" to my hearts content.

Pinterest is a unique on-line site which gives its users the opportunity to collect and "pin" photographs of things which strike their fancy and that they want to save, for future reference or whatever, onto individual "boards."  After joining and adding a "Pin It" button to your browser, you can literally click onto any image you like and it is saved onto one of your "Inspiration Boards."

I have always loved things such as "Barbie," "Buttons," "Cherries," amongst other things, and you all know how much I love to cook and collect recipes and Pinterest has afforded me to collect my very own favourite things and loves in a unique and fun way, which not only doesn't cost me or the Toddster any money, but also doesn't take up any storage space on the computer!

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(My Naan Bread Pizza)

I used to spend a lot of time browsing Food Photo Sites looking for tasty things to coo, but with all honesty I have to say that Pinterest has pretty much replaced all of those sites for me.  I can always find a tasty recipe to cook!

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One of my favourite boards which I love (interestingly enough NOT a recipe board) is the one I created to house all of the housekeeping and home helps tips which I discover.  Entitled Household Helps,  Right now we are promoting the new Pin It Forward Campaign by Pinterest here in the UK. Today is my chance to shine and tomorrow it will be fellow Blogger Claire Sutton of Things We Make. ( Http:// ) do be sure to check out her page. I am sorry if I haven't been able to create proper links and such on this post. I am supposed to be able to show you a place where you can sign up with a custom registration link, but working on an iPad just isn't allowing me to do what I want or am trying to do. Perhaps I can come back later to fix things when I have access to a computer. In the meantime do check out Pinterest, and Claire's page. I just know you will love them both! Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi Marie! Great to read about how Pinterest has become your go-to spot for recipe inspiration! I love your Household Helps board, who knew housekeeping and entertaining could be so creative? #PinItForwardUK


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