The Panasonic Combi Oven and Some Rather Tasty Granola

Thursday 8 August 2013

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A little while back the people at Panasonic sent me one of their combi-ovens to try out for a month to see how I would get on with it.   This month I am their guest blogger over in their Ideas Kitchen with my Sunshine Granola Recipe.

I did everything I could with the oven during the month that I had it.  I used it to melt butter and chocolate, cook casseroles, make scones . . . baked a cake, pretty much everything I use my regular oven for, with much success.  The nicest bit was that during the hottest bit of the summer, I wasn't having to heat my whole kitchen up by having to turn my regular oven on.  This combi-oven worked just dandy.   (Microwave/grill/convection oven)

I've actually had a combi-oven of my own for quite a while now, since 2009.   I had gotten a cake all ready to go into my regular oven and my regular oven gave up the ghost.   I needed something quick and so I had gone to the store and picked up a combi-oven to use until they could come and fix the regular one.  I had had one way back when yonks and yonks ago in Canada.  My first one was a mammoth. That baby was huge!  But it worked really well.  It did take up a lot of space though.  These newer ones are a lot smaller.  You couldn't roast a turkey in one of them . . . but they are pretty darned good for everything else.

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The recipe which I chose to share in the Panasonic kitchen was a recipe for my favourite all time granola.   It's nice and crunchy, and stogged full of fruit and nuts.  There are lots of good things in there like maple syrup and orange juice, and flaked coconut.

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In short it's a winner.  I cut my original recipe in half so that I could make it in the combi oven and it worked a charm.   Nice and nutty and golden brown with a beautiful crunch.

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Why not hop on over to the Panasonic Kitchen to check out the recipe!  It's worth the trip my dears.   Absolutely.   There's lots of goodies there.  I think you'll enjoy!


  1. I also have a panasonic combi microwave they are great, would not be without it!

  2. That granola looks to die op for! Just seen your comment on my blog by the way, it'd gone to spam! Sorry! I've posted and replied to it now though :D


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