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Thursday 12 September 2013

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I do get sent the neatest things.  I was recently set this set of Dossil Sinkie.  This collection included the Dossil Sinkie and the Dossil Sink liner.  I was sent the Sinkie in two sizes, one perfect for the kitchen sink and the other just the perfect size for use in our upstairs shower.

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I don't know about your husband, but I am always having to remind mine that our kitchen sink is not a garbage disposal unit!!   It annoys me to distraction.  This handy piece of kit helps to solve that problem.  The Dossil sink strainer is a flexible silicone strainer which sits over the plug hole and helps to prevent debris from blocking and clogging the drains and pipe work with food waste!

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And . . . the Toddster is always complaining about my hair and the slightly larger one for use in the shower (or tub)  has worked really well in keeping my hair from clogging up our shower drain!

AND . . . the neatest thing about them is that once you are finished using them, you can simply lift the mat out of the sink or shower, tip the contents into the bin and then (in the case of the shower one, my kitchen sink one is staying put!) you can simply stick it to the side of the sink or back splash or shower wall so that it is always ready to hand when you need it.  How COOL is that!!

The larger sink liner is great to keep under your washing up bowl in the sink,  or to use as a matt in the bottom of the sink to help keep your crockery and glassware from being chipped or broken.  I sure could have used one of these when I worked at the big house to help keep their expensive crockery and crystal when we were washing up after dinner parties!

And speaking of dinner parties another cool thing they sent me was this!

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The Dossil Sinkie Glass Mat!   It is a well known fact that the best way to look after your crystal and glassware is to handwash them, rinse well in hot water and then allow them to air dry.  Once dry you just polish with a lint free cloth for sparkling glassware.  This can be somewhat dangerous however, as accidents to happen, and glassware left on the draining board to dry can easily get tipped over and there it goes . . . it's broken.  Trust me on this.  NO matter how careful I was with the Waterford at the Manor when I worked there, it was inevitable that occasionally a piece got broken or chipped.   This fabulous glass mat made from silicone has been specially designed to look after crystal and glass while it drys.  I sure could have used it there!!

It is available in four colours (white, blue, pink and green) and has a nonslip surface which is covered with a multitude of little fingers that will hold the glassware securely in place whilst it dries.  Isn't that amazing???  (How DO they think these things up!!!  I find myself having a "DOH"  why didn't I think of that???  moment each time I come across something as innovative as this!)  IN addition there is a raised rim around the edge of the mat which helps to collect any excess water as your glassware dries so that it doesn't spill out all over the place.  They have literally thought of everything.

The Dossil Sinkies and Dossil Sink Liner are also bleach resistant and dishwasher safe.

These Dossil products are available at most good hone shops all over the UK at reasonable prices and via

Many thanks to the people at Shrewd PR and Dossil for sending me these samples to trial.   I love them.  (I may have been sent these items for free, but rest assured my opinions are my own.)

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