How to Make Your Own Wedding Favours

Tuesday 5 August 2014

If you have ever planned a wedding then you will know one thing for sure – they can be really expensive. There are no two ways about it, as soon as you mention the word wedding whether in a cake, dress or jewellery shop then you can automatically and another zero to the price.

With so many different things to think about for the big day the costs can spiral out of control. But help is at hand! Making things like wedding favours can really cut down on costs and they can be really simple to do.    

 photo Sugar_almonds_zps1e117607.jpg

Sugar Almonds

These are a traditional wedding favour would usually consist of 5 sugared almonds which are used to represent health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. You can pick up some organza bags fairly cheaply and put some almonds in, which can make for some very attractive wedding favours that you haven’t had to spend a fortune to make. Almonds can come in all shapes and sizes, and you can often find specially coloured ones to add a different effect to your favour – Just make sure that no one at your reception has a severe nut allergy!  

 photo Foil_chocolates_zpsdd73771a.jpg  

If you are looking for something a little bit more modern then chocolate wedding favours are really taking off – because who doesn’t like chocolate? (Ok, so there may be one or two who don’t but you can’t please everyone!) Forever Wedding Favours have a great range of chocolate shaped wedding favours to pick from including heart shaped or lollipop sticks all wrapped in foil. Whether you’ve got a theme for your wedding or just something simple like a particular colour, then chocolates in certain flavours and wrappings can tie into your day perfectly.  

 photo Just_married_neapolitans_zpsdc50c814.jpg  

For a more elegant chocolate favour you could use the “Just Married Neapolitans” and offer them round with tea or coffee after the wedding breakfast as chocolate is a great way to finish a meal.  

 photo Sweets_in_jar_zpse3ebee98.jpg  

Sweets In A Jar

If you are getting married in the summer then chocolate might not be the way to go, especially if it is looking like it will be a warm day! An alternative sugary treat to chocolate would be to use sweets instead; by purchasing a small jar you can put a few sweets of your choice together and give your guests a real treat! Attaching a small name label to the jar will also make them a perfect

personalised gift and, while it may take some time to create, they will look amazing once you have finished.

Choosing the most suitable wedding favour for your guests can be tricky but it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Creating or making something small can often have a bigger impact than spending a lot of money buying something that hasn’t had a lot of thought going in to it.

Remember though, it is your day and while offering your guests a small gesture of appreciation is a great way to acknowledge their involvement in being there, it is not something you have to stress about!

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