Keeping Time with Oregon Scientific

Monday 27 October 2014

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As you have probably correctly surmised I am a rather keen cook.   No surprise there.   As a keen cook, I really rely on having quality tools in my kitchen to work with.   When I used to cook at the Manor, I regularly cooked Silver Service Formal Dinner Parties with multiple courses for anywheres up to 40 people (and once a cocktail party for 200).  People used to ask how I managed to do it all.   I had excellent tools at my fingertips and one of my secrets was . . .  I used multiple timers.

I always use kitchen timers when I am cooking, even now when I am only cooking every day stuff for the Toddster and myself.  I am a person that is easily distracted and so a kitchen timer has saved my bacon and THE bacon more than once!

I was recently sent a gorgeous Kitchen Timer from Oregon Scientific to try out and I am really keen to tell you all about it.

 This is the Oregon Scientific Two Channel Kitchen Timer with Clock & LED Visual Alert, which I have been using in my kitchen for the past week or so and I have to say that I just love it.

Some of it's features are: 

  • Dual timer with count up/down function
  • Adjustable alarm volume – high / low / mute – with LED alert
  • Digital clock
  • With stand, magnet and hanging hole
  • Batteries are included
  • Product Size : 90(W) x 76(H) x 20(D) mm  

  •  The Kitchen Timer with two channels and LED alert gives a combination of clock and timer within one design. The two-channel timer allows you to alter between the count up and down functions according to your needs. The alarm volume can be adjusted, and the LED alert will flash continuously when the alarm is muted. The timer comes with stand, magnet and hanging holes which enable you to move around kitchen / home as required.  

    What I love about it most is that I can set it up to time two things that I am cooking at the same time.  This is a brilliant feature.   What I also love about it is that it is really LOUD!  I can't tell you the number of times I have missed a timer going off because my deaf husband who always forgets to turn his hearing aid on has the television on at about a bazillion decibels and I haven't heard it.   That has not been a problem at all with this Oregon Scientific Two Channel Kitchen Timer.  It is so loud and piercing that I can hear it all over the house . . .  and it flashes red as well so even if I couldn't hear it I would see it.

    I love also that I can hang it on a string around my neck if I wanted to . . .  I love that the magnets on the back mean that I can just stick it to the microwave or the refrigerator, or front of the stove.   I love the little stand that means I can have it sitting up on the counter within my eyesight, with that green count down light flashing and that red light flashing when it is done.

    In short I love it.   This would make a fabulous gift for any foodie on your Christmas List this year.  I highly recommend.   I'm really happy with it myself and I think you would be too.

    To find out more,  check out all of the details on the Oregon Scientific  Page.  

    Note:  Although I was sent one of these to use any and all opinions are my own.


    1. Jacques is a big timer liker:)
      First thing in the morning..timer is on for our green tea:) 5 minutes..:)

    2. I swear by them Monique. I do not know what I would do without them. This one is really good!

    3. This does look like a good one. You have a very nice blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

    4. Thank you so much Linda! Welcome to my blog and warm greetings from a Canadian ex pat in the UK! I hope you will become a regular visitor! xx

    5. Marie, just a quick question, if you'd be so kind. My Mum has very advanced macular degeneration. Looking at the size, I'm concerned about if she would manage to program it, or see the numbers for that matter. She does need a good timer desperately, though. Especially one that she can hear, and yes, she also does not have her hearing aid in at all times! If you don't think this would work ... I might just get one for myself, it really looks wonderful. Thank you!
      ~sincerely, Terese

    6. HI Terese. The buttons are nice and big. But then I don't have any problem with my eyes. But the numbers are a lot larger than normal timers, so I am thinking that may not be a problem. Perhaps get one for yourself to see what you think of it, and then if you like it get one for her? xx


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