Mrs Crimbles Launches two new Teatime Treats

Wednesday 1 October 2014

I am a big fan of Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Products and was really happy when I was recently sent samples of their two new Teatime treats.  I haven't disliked anything they have sent me yet and I was thrilled to see these newest Gluten Free Cakes.  (I confess, the Toddster and I totally adore their coconut macaroons, and always always buy them when we see them.)

First off, I love their packaging.  Everything I get sent is always wrapped in this lovely blue tissue paper.  I love tissue paper.  I know that has nothing to do with cakes, but I just thought I would let you know.  These two newest cakes are the Country Fruit Slice and Lemon Slice.  We are both big lovers of the "other" fruit cake slices and lemon slices out there, but would we like these?   Let's see how they "stacked" up in comparison!

Todd has always been a big fan of fruit slices. He adores fruit cake and I have to tell you these did NOT disappoint.  They were composed of an incredibly moist cake type filling packed with raisins, cranberries and apricots, lightly spiced and stogged full of just enough fruit to make them moreish . . . and those sugar nibs on top . . .  scrumptious . . .  but here is where they differ from other slices . . .  there is a crisp pastry like bottom which we both found very appealing!  They were well flavoured and didn't taste artificial as some gluten free goodies are wont to do . . .  all in all we gave them two thumbs up!

These lemon slices were my favourite of the two however.   (The Toddster is not fond of lemon anything so I got these all to my greedy little self!)  Once again the cake was quite moist and well flavoured, not overpoweringly lemon flavoured, just right with a tangy lemon filling atop the cake, and a tasty lemon icing glaze on top of that, so you get a triple lemon bang for your taste enjoyment!  There was just enough tang and sweet to satisfy . . .  very moreish I would say.   In short they were quite lovely!   I gave these a two thumbs up as well!  

I think of all the Gluten Free goodies out there Mrs Crimbles seems to have mastered the right balance between offering the consumer something which is not only gluten free, but also acceptably tasty.  You don't feel like you are being deprived when you eat them . . .  in fact to me they always taste a treat!  From where I'm sitting that's a good thing.

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Many thanks for sending me these tasty cakes to try out!  I had to say Mrs Crimble . . .  you do make very good cakes!

To make it easier for everyone to find gluten free treats when they're out and about, Mrs Crimble's new Slices are now available everywhere from garden centres to railway stations and from service stations to delis.

Country Fruit Slices
RRP £1.69 - £1.89

Lemon Slices
RRP £1.69 - £1.89

Available in single packs or packs of four.


  1. if you like them they must be good..
    I have 2 small Christmas fruitcakes in the oven baking..

    I saw your tea cakes here! You know that yellow cute box?

  2. How wonderful Monique! Did you buy them? I am going to bake my Christmas Cake next week I think. I have already bought the fruit for it. I love Christmas fruit cake. I may bake a light one this year as well. You never see them over here, just the dark ones! xxoo

  3. I'm a fan of all things lemon and these sound delicious. Alas, not in the US, I presume. I need another trip to England!

  4. Oh, these look so good!
    We were in England in September and since my husband has celiac disease, he MUST eat gluten free!
    He loved the chocolate macaroons by Mrs. Crimbles. Wish he could have had the two that you show in this post. Oh well, maybe next visit! x

  5. You do Carol, and when you do you must stay with us for a time! That would be so lovely.xx

    Mrs Crimbles really has cracked the nut with their Gluten Free Goodies Kay. They do them all so very well! Maybe they will branch their market into North America. One can but hope! xx


  6. We have found Mrs. Crimbles macaroons here in the USA but you have to take out a bank loan to buy them!

  7. Awww . . . so sorry to hear that. But I spose it's like buying American products here. I pay over £8 for a jar of skippy here. I do it though because it's the only peanut butter I like and so it's worth it to me, But I hoard it like gold! lol


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