Banoffee Mess

Thursday 11 June 2015

Banoffee Mess

Some days you just want to bury your face into an indulgent fruity dessert, but having no fruity fruit to hand, you make do with what you do have  . . . and today it was bananas.  

We always have bananas in this house, them being one of the Toddsters favourite snacks . . .  the fact that they are loaded with potassium and good for you not withstanding . . .

 Banoffee Mess

I've never been overly fond of raw banana, unless they are sliced on top of my rice crispies, or in a banana cream pie.    I do love a Banoffee Pie also . . . a quintessentially British Dessert, composed of Bananas and caramel in a buttery digestive crust and topped with whipped cream!  

I suppose it is a British version of Banana Cream, but in true British fashion . . .  over the top!   ☺  In a very tasty way.

Banoffee Mess

This recipe today is a play on a traditional British indulgence known as Eton Mess  . . .  a dessert composed of red berries, whipped cream and crushed meringues, all folded together into a . . .  well a splodgy mess which is oh so delicious!   

In doing some research just now to tell you  where the name Eton Mess came  from, I have discovered that they have also been known to use Bananas in this indulgent dessert, so I may not be as innovative as I thought I was!

Banoffee Mess

In any case allow me to present Banoffee Mess  . . . an indulgent dessert composed of whipped cream, crushed meringues, sliced bananas, toasted pecan nuts and a delicious toffee sauce . . . all moreishly folded together.   

 Light.   Delicious.   Satisfying for the sweet tooth.  Easy and quick to throw together.  Need I say more?     Dig in!

Banoffee Mess

*Banoffee Mess*
Serves 6
Everyone's favourite pie in a light dessert which is simple to make and requires no cooking, unless you choose to make the toffee sauce yourselves. 

300ml of double cream ( 1 1/2 cups, thick whipping cream)
6 meringue nests, broken
5 to 6 peeled and sliced bananas
5 TBS toffee sauce, plus extra to drizzle
a handful of broken toasted pecan nuts
(Toast them in a hot oven for 8 to 10 minutes.   Make sure
you allow them to cool before using.) 

Banoffee Mess 

Pour the cream into a large chilled bowl.  Whip just until soft peaks form.  (Don't be tempted to over whip)  Crumble in the meringue nests, then gently fold in the sliced bananas.   Swirl in the toffee sauce.   Divide the mixture between six dessert dishes and then scatter over the toasted pecans and drizzle with a little more toffee sauce.   Delicious! 

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  1. This is absolutely delicious Marie !!
    Look really tempting:)

  2. Thanks Gloria. It's a nice light dessert. Full of calories, but not heavy on the stomach! xoxo

  3. In desserts I try dont think in calories Marie:))
    BTW I thinks thd twins would lovd this!:))

  4. I think about calories for about a second Gloria, and then I say to heck with it! That's probably why I look the way I do! xoxo


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