Homemade *Salad* Dressing (Mayonnaise type)

Tuesday 23 June 2015

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When I was growing up my mother never bought mayonnaise as such.  I don't know why, only that she didn't.  There were only type such things that she did buy.  One was Miracle Whip and the other was Salad Dressing.   Both were very mayonnaise like, but couldn't be considered mayonnaise per se because they contained ingredients which were not considered proper in a mayonnaise.  A proper mayonnaise should only contain egg yolks, mustard, some vinegar and oil and perhaps some seasoning.

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When I first tasted real mayonnaise I considered it to be a bit bland in comparison to what I was used to.  I quite like it now, but there are a few things that I still prefer to be made with what my mother used . . .  things like potato salad for instance, or macaroni salads.

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I actually quite like Miracle Whip and Salad Dressing  . . .  I am not such a purist that there is no room for such things in my life.  Life's too short eh!  I wanted to make an old fashioned salad that I enjoy the other day . . .  but mayo just wasn't going to cut it, and so I made my own miracle whip/salad type of dressing.

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This isn't an old fashioned boiled dressing . . .  there is no cooking involved.  If you have either a stick immersion blender or a strong arm, you can make it in a matter of just a few minutes.  It's a bit sweeter than regular mayonnaise . . .

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and actually quite delicious.   If you are looking for a sandwich spread, or salad ingredient which has no preservatives and is quite tasty and easy to make, then look no further.  You've found it!

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*Homemade *Salad* Dressing*
Makes 225g or 1 cup

This is so simple to make and tastes very similar to what my mother used to buy which was called "Salad Dressing."  A mayonnaise type of spread/dressing that is a bit sweeter than the regular one. As the recipe uses vinegar there is no worries about using a raw egg yolk.  (Most eggs are quite safe nowadays anyways)

1 large free range egg yolk
5 tsp white vinegar
5 tsp white caster sugar
1/3 tsp salt
1/2 tsp lemon juice
225ml of non flavoured oil such as canola or sunflower (1 cup)
1/4 tsp dry mustard powder
hefty pinch of sweet paprika
pinch of garlic powder

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I use my immersion blender for this, but will give instructions for making by hand as well.
If doing by immersion blender.  Put the egg yolk into the immersion blender container.  Whisk together with the white sugar, vinegar, salt and lemon juice.   Pour in the oil.  Insert the blender stick and blend, moving the stick up and down for several times.  It should only take about 40 seconds and you will have a very thick mixture.   Add the dry mustard powder, paprika and garlic powder.  Blitze briefly to combine.   Taste and adjust seasoning as required.   Store in a covered glass jar in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

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If doing by hand, combine the egg yolk, white sugar, vinegar, salt and lemon juice in a two cups measuring cup.  Whisk together until well combined and a bit foamy.   Put the oil into another measuring cup and begin to add it a dribble at a time, whisking continuously with a wire whisk.    Once half of the oil has been added,  your mixture should be very thick.  Whisk in the mustard powder, paprika and garlic powder.   Add the remaining oil in a steady stream, whisking continuously until all of the oil has been added and you have a thick and well amalgamated mixture.   Scrape into a glass jar, cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.


  1. I've always wanted to make my own for use with chicken salad and such but thought it would be too much of a hassle. Seems pretty easy. I'll give it a try. Thank you!

  2. Growing up..families were either Hellmans or Miracle Whip..We were Hellmans.
    I like home made a lot..but we always have Hellmans..unless I am making a potato or pasta salad.
    Then I make it...
    Thanks for your recipe Marie!

  3. It's really very simple Jeannine! I hope you will give it a go! xoxo

    You're welcome Monique! I hope you will make it and enjoy it! xoxo

  4. Thanks so much for a flavourful mayo - it was Miracle Whip here and I still like it in potato salad and found homemade mayo a bit bland but this seems to have bite! Can't wait to get home from the cottage to try it out!

  5. You and I are so much alike Monique! Two peas in a pod! xoxo

    You're welcome Linda! I hope you enjoy it!


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