Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

Sunday 26 July 2015

Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

 I just love this time of year when my garden is filled to bursting with fresh summer fruits . . .  the last of the strawberries, logan berries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, black currants in the main and ripening blackberries in the hedge!  

I try to incorporate as many of them as I can into our daily diets. Its such a healthy thing to do!

Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

Crumbles, bakes, cakes, with cream and sugar . . . and one of my favourite ways, for breakfast  . . .  a delicious fruity breakfast knickerbocker glory.  

Perfect for summer!  Actually its perfect any time of year.  Whenever you are craving something that tiny bit special, but also very easy.

 Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

What is a knickerbocker glory?  Well, traditionally it is a  layered cream sundae that is served in a large tall conical glass to be eaten with a distinctive long spoon . . .  a dessert peculiar to the British Isles. 

 The knickerbocker glory, first described in the 1920s, may contain ice cream, cream, fruit, meringue. 

Layers of these different sweet tastes are alternated in a tall glass and topped with different kinds of syrup, nuts, whipped cream and often a cherry.

 Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

This is not one of those  . . .  and actually the only thing which resembles the original is the fact that it's prepared in a tall glass to be eaten with a long spoon.

Not to mention  that there is plenty of fruit in it.

Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

Instead of ice cream I use creamy Greek yogurt. You could use frozen yogurt if you can find it.  

That would be also great!  I have also used a mix of berries today . . .  raspberries, blueberries and strawberries . . .

 Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

These are layered in a tall glass along with some of my homemade granola . . . sooooo good.  

(I try not to get any of the dried fruits in the layers . . . so they don't conflict with the fresh fruits if you know what I mean.)   

You could also use storebought granola or even crushed granola bars.

Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

With a final sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of liquid honey on top, these really please!  We love them!  

They are a great weekend breakfast which feels like a bit of an indulgence, but which is actually really quite healthy!  I hope you will give them a go!  Simple.  Easy.  Delicious.

 Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

*Breakfast Knickerbocker Glories*
Serves 2
A really delicious way to eat a healthy breakfast which is loaded with fruit and goodness. 

4 TBS granola (can also use crushed granola bars)
a handful each of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
(Or whatever berry you have to hand)
8 TBS low fat greek yoghurt
2 TBS clear honey
a bit of granola to sprinkle

Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory 

Sprinkle 1 TBS of granola in each of two tall glasses or knickerbocker glory glasses.   Top with some blueberries, 1 TBS yogurt,some raspberries, 1 TBS of yogurt, some strawberries, 1 TBS yogurt 1 more TBS of granola and the remainder of the yogurt.   Sprinkle with a bit of granola, drizzle with honey and serve immediately.  Delicious!

Note - Quantities are given to make two servings, but the recipe can easily be multiplied to serve more. 

Breakfast Knickerbocker Glory 

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  1. this does sound good, and looks beautiful too! I have been thinking of you and Todd and Mitzy, hope all is well!!

  2. I have to laugh! The first exposure to the famed Knickerbocker Glory was a pizza place called Claire's in Cllondalkan Ireland. It was huge! And so many ingredients, but what was the biggest surprise were the massive amounts of Kellog's Corn Flakes! Can't remember if I was able to finish it, but it certainly lived up to it's name!! Our sweet Bishop and his wife had taken us there for dinner, wonderful pizza and also first time to see cole slaw served on top of the pizza! Mary Anne

  3. What a fab experience Mary Anne! Had to laught about the corn flakes! I think coleslaw on pizza would be great! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  4. We're doing fine Laurie! I think of you and Gary often also! xoxo


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