The Quest for the Best - Make My Sausage Challenge

Monday 14 September 2015

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Andy bates, the award winning television chef and champion of British Food has presented three television series, which follow global steet food trends and highlight modern twists on a variety of classic dishes.  Now this London-based street food expert, chef and presenter is encouraging everyone to "Quest fot the Best" in everything they eat . . .  especially in every day food.

"I want to encourage people to explore what makes something taste good," comments Andy Bates.  "I think it is important to use fresh, quality ingredients and also to understand where they come from."

This is something which I also feel very strongly about.   I am really enthusiastic about knowing where my food comes from and the providence behind our food production.   That's why I really enjoy challenges such as this one!

The central proposition of "The Quest for the Best 'Make my Sausage' Challenge"  is that it is an open competition inviting sausage fans to design their very own sausage!

"There is a real feeling that this is the right time to get everyone thinking again about what we eat and how it's made," comments Andy.

This approach is part of the 'make my sausage' challenge, which invited everyone from food bloggers to sausaholics to describe their perfect sausage . . .  following Andy's 'quality ingredients, freshness ans superb taste' criteria.   The  dream sausage must also  be wheat, gluten and dairy free.   They could perhaps feature a childhood favourite mix of foods . . .  marmalade and pork, or gingernuts and marmite?  Who knows what the winning combination will be!

This is THE time to make your dream sausage come to life.   The best sausage will be selected by Andy to be made by debbie&andrew's and will become a part of the range to be sold during the 2016 road shows, which will be reaching some 500k people all around the UK.

To enter: simply complete the form on or tweet #makemysausage with your flavour idea and contact details.

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Andy will be following the winning sausage through debbie&andrews's production process, filming all of the stages involved in preparing the winning sausage.

"Good sausages can make a great meal," explains Andy, "but only when they're well made and meet my simple criteria . . .  quality ingredients, freshness and great taste!"  (This will be broadcast on the Quest for the Best website in November during British Sausage week)

"There is a real feeling that this is the right time to get everyone thinking again about what we eat and how it's made," concludes Andy.  "I hope that the Quest inspires people to find out more about their food as well as encouraging them to spend more time sharing food together.  After all, good food is made great when eaten in company."

Do Note:  This competition closes on the 23rd of September, so the time to enter is NOW!

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The Quest for the Best will not just stop at designing an entirely new sausage.  Andy will also be exploring how to cook sausages in new ways and examining the ultimate BBQ pairings.  He is also identifying food and harvest heroes, encouraging those who champion great food and inspiring more people to become involved in community celebrations.

debbie&andrew’s support is aimed at local or grass root fund raisers for whom even a small injection of cash could make a significant difference. They are calling this support a ‘micro sponsorship’. Awards can range from £50 to £1000 in cash, plus free product for use in charity meals or barbecues. Any fund raiser in aid of local activities and communities and which brings ‘A Real Taste of the Country’ to life can qualify. So long as the money raised is for a good cause that is supported locally and embodies country-inspired activities, skills, crafts, values or ideas.

 To find out more about debbie&andrew's micro sponsorships offering up to £1000 for community and fund raising projects visit:
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Here is some really exciting news about debbie&andrew's!  Their "Perfect Cumberland" and "Perfect Pork" sausages are becoming dairy free, wheat free and gluten free by the end of September, so that's great news for everyone out there who has food intolerances!  Yay!

I picked some of each up at the weekend and created a couple of new recipes with them, so stay tuned as I'll be showing them to you real soon!  

In the meantime do take the opportunity to enter the "Make My Sausage" competition and or nominate any local harvest or food heroes you think are deserving of a sponsorship!

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