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Friday 22 April 2016

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I was recently send a lovely piece of kit from the people at Filofax.   One of their lovely  Saffiano Wrap Tablet Cases in Pear, along with a filofax easel for use with the Tablet Case.   I have to tell you this is going to completely revolutionize my shopping and cooking!

As you know I just love cooking and trying out recipes and I am always finding a recipe that I want to use.  Pinterest is become a great source for me these days for new recipes to try out and I have an extensive library of cookery books stored in the bookcase on my iPad.  It's always been a bit of a pain using them however as I have had to print out the recipes to use,  or I have to run back and forth from the kitchen table where my iPad is to the counter top where I am cooking because I have always been afraid that something will fall on the iPad and break it.  (Don't laugh that actually happened to a friend of mine!  Bad luck!)  Always a pain and this means that I never, hardly ever end up using the recipes I have stored on the iPad and I spend a fortune in ink printing out recipes from Pinterest to use.

Then there is the grocery list.  I often get to the shop and find that I have totally forgotten my list at home and then I am scrambling to try to remember all the things on the list, inevitably to get home at the end and realize that I have totally forgotten an essential ingredient that I needed.

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PROBLEM NO MORE!  This handy piece of kit means that I can  not only have my grocery list with me at the shops, but also my recipe, along with any other things I need, payment card, pen, paper, etc.

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Very easy to carry, and just look at all of the features inside . . .

 photo Grocery List Menus_zpscz4kyojw.jpg

A place to slide my menu scribbler into and keep it safe and readable.  A spot for my pen (s) so I can tick off my shopping list as I go along.   A place to slide my payment card (s) in . . .

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And a place to keep my iPad ready and handy to use.  In fact . . .  I could actually write my grocery list on the iPad and tick things off as I go along, making scraps of paper moot . . .

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There are all kinds of handy pockets in this thing.  You can store any coupons or store vouchers which you might want to use, etc. right there with your list/iPad/payment card, etc.  There is even a spot for your smartphone!

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The iPad clips into this very handy plastic shell holder which very conveniently slides into a slot designed to hold it right there in the Cover, and that's not the neatest part about it.  It swivels!

 photo DSCN6620_zpsxdxnxmso.jpg

So you can have it straight up and down or landscape . . . it's your choice!  But, as neat as that is, that's not the most exciting bit . . .

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When you've gotten back home and put all your bits away and are ready to cook, the plastic shell slips out and onto the countertop and there is an easel which you can use to stand it up so that . . .

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Your recipe is there, ready to go so that you can get stuck in cooking without having to print anything out, run back and forth . . .  or  . . .  and this is a real biggie . . .  fear something falling on your iPad and breaking it!

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You can plan, shop and cook with ease, all with this very revolutionary tool.     I am just thrilled with this handy piece of kit.  It's well made, attractive, lightweight and easy to use.

What makes the Filofax Tablet Cases different???

-360* rotatable tabled holder for multiple viewing positions
-Tablet specific protective ABS shell
-Notepad/notebook pockets
-Elastic smartphone, pen, stylus and accessory pockets
-suitable for both left and right-handed users

To find out more about these revolutionary cases which come in all sizes, colours, styles, prints, be sure to check out all of the latest editionss from the Filofax huge tablet case collection do hop on over to their website to find out more!

Note - although I was sent a new case and shell to try out free of charge, I was not required to write a positive review.  Any thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.   Many thanks to the people at Filofax for sending this to me!


  1. Replies
    1. I've been practicing Monique! Glad you noticed! My handwriting took a burt though, lol. I was so excited to get this because I will really use it. I have been so afraid to use my iPad in the kitchen for fear of breakage. This handy piece of kit removes that fear! xo

    2. You are like me..took me yrs to have a mini Ipad..I am careful also..I do have a case though since day one..I find tablets too flimsy to walk around or do anyhing with w/ figured it all out! Good girl!
      Love the notebook thingy attached.

    3. I've had an ordinary case, but it wasn't one that I could stand the iPad up with or anything. This one is great!


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