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Three Ingredient Cheese Scones

What if I told you, you could make a delicious, light, flaky savoury scone using only three ingredients?  Its true! You can and these lovely scones are just that! 

Light, flaky and savoury scones that use only three ingredients.  Not only that, but they go together in a flash! 

You can put these together in about 5 minutes, pop them into the oven, bake and be enjoying them in less than half an hour.  No kidding! 

All you need is self raising flour (self-rising), grated cheddar cheese and plain yogurt.  That's it!

You simply stir the cheese and the flour together with a fork, and then stir in the yogurt to make a soft dough.  Pat it out to a rectangle . . .  cut . . .  then bake.

You can easily make your own self raising flour.  Simply add 1 1/2 tsp of baking powder and 1/4 tsp salt  for every 140g/1 cup of plain flour.  Easy peasy! 

These rise really nice and tall  . . .  and are so flaky . . .

Use a nice strong cheddar for plenty of flavour.  You have the option of sprinkling more cheese  on top  prior to baking for a lovely finish.

These are lovely . . .  plain and on their own  . . . or split and spread with butter . . .

Look at that lovely texture.  Isn't it beautiful?  I think they are just perfect! 

These are wonderful served for breakfast with butter, and yes, even jam.  Cheese and jam go really well together. 

They are also pretty wonderful served with soups or salads for lunch, or stews for dinner.  Lovely no matter what, and sure to always be well received!

Yield: 10

Three Ingredient Cheese Scones

prep time: cook time: total time:
Light, flaky cheese scones that go together in a flash.  You are sure to love these, and yes they only need three ingredients!


  • 300g self raising flour (2 cups plus 3 TBS)
  • 150g grated strong cheddar cheese (1 1/4 cups)
  • 250g  plain yogurt ( 1 cup)
  • 5 TBS grated strong cheddar to sprinkle on top


  1. Preheat the oven to 200*C/400*F/ gas mark 6.  Line a baking tray with some baking paper set aside.
  2. Measure the cheese and flour into a bowl.  Stir together with a fork to combine completely.  Add the yogurt and quickly mix together to form a soft dough.  Tip out onto a lightly floured surface and knead a couple of times until smooth.  Pat out into a rectangle 6 by 10 inches in size, and about 1 inch thick.  Cut into 10 rectangles.  Place the rectangles spaced apart on the baking sheet.  Sprinkle with the optional additional cheese if using.
  3. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes until well risen and golden brown.  Scoop onto a wire rack to cool slightly before serving with plenty of cold butter for spreading.  Delicious!
Created using The Recipes Generator

I found the original recipe written on a scrap of paper.  I suspect I had copied it out from a magazine at the Dentists or Doctor once upon a time.  I adapted it to use both Metric and American measurements.  You're welcome! 

Marie Rayner
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  1. Oh my I will have to try these ones!
    Who doesn't love a nice warm cheese scone slathered in butter LOL

    1. You must bake them Vicky! They're so good warm from the oven, and yes, slathered with butter! xo

  2. I have a vegetable and bean soup for dinner tonight and I shall make these to go with it - I have everything I need at home and I adore a hot cheesy treat. I'll let you know how I got along. I can already see me adding a pinch of cayenne pepper - I'm a recipe fiddler just like you.

    1. A pinch of cayenne would be a great addition Marie. Your soup sounds fabulous! I love a good bean soup! xoxo

    2. They were just as you promised - really quick and easy, plus they rose well so were light and fluffy. And they were delicious. I did add a pinch of cayenne and it married well with the flavours in the soup. I was thinking that if I served them with a minestrone or something like that, I could add some Italian herbs as well. It's a terrific basic recipe and so simple to make. Thank you.

    3. I am so pleased that you are pleased Marie! Yay! Love your suggestions to amp them up a bit as well! You're quite welcome! xoxo

  3. I bet they are wonderful..have never made a cheese scone..biscuits yes..Thanks Marie!

    1. You're welcome Monique! Hope you bake them and enjoy! xoxo

  4. I just printed this one too. I might have to make these this weekend -- I actaully have all the ingredients at hand!

    1. Oh, you are in for a real treat! I hope you enjoy them Jeanie! xoxo

  5. Could one press into circle and cut dough as triangles?
    Still likely yield 10?
    Marie,Thank you for your generous sharing.

    1. I can't see why not! Let me know how you get on! xoxo PS - I wouldn't cut into 10 in that case, maybe 8?

  6. I've made these! They are fab, light, tasty and made v quickly!

  7. Do you use full fat yoghurt?

  8. Sorry, it's me again. I am Marion by the way! It looks like you add 3 tablespoons!! Baking soda. I just can't make scones so need to be led by the nose. Do I add anything to the SR flour?

  9. Marion here. Ignore my post it's just dawned on me what you mean. Doh!!

    1. No worries Marion! I hope you like the scones! xo


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