Grilled Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese

Tuesday 23 April 2019

We have just enjoyed a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, with beautiful sunny and warm weather!  Its been really gorgeous!  That makes a change, as the norm is rainy, cold and wet on a bank holiday!  

I have never known a bank holiday here in the UK that wasn't accompanied by copious amounts of rain!

We took advantage of the sunshine to have our first BBQ of the season!  This isn't something we can usually plan well ahead of time.  

You have to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak . . .  make hay while the sun shines! 

I had some leftover potatoes from the day before, which I divided between two foil packs. 

I just sprinkled them with some cheese and let it all melt into them while they heated on on the corner of the BBQ.  

I thought the star of the meal was going to be two thick and meaty bone in pork chops that I had brined, ready for cooking.  We got our chops at Costco and they really are lovely . . .  loin chops with the rib bone attached, each about 1 inch thick.  

Simply gorgeous.  For two just use 2 cups of water and 1 TBS each sugar and salt.  Leave them to brine in it for about an hour.  Perfection.  Never a dry pork chop.  Never ever.

I was wrong however  . . .  the star wasn't the pork chops, nor was it the potatoes, both of which were VERY good! 

 It was the vegetables!

I took one each, broccoli crown and cauliflower head, both of ample size and I cut two "Steaks" from the centre of each. 

 I guess they were each about 1/3 of an inch thick, and well held together.  I just put the remainder into a plastic bag and returned it to the refrigerator where it is ready to use another time for another purpose, soup or whatnot.

Grilled Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese

I then brushed both sides of each "Steak" with some olive oil and sprinkled them on both sides with some Italian Herb & Garlic Seasoning. 

I cooked them on a cooler part of the BBQ, turning them every now and then, until they were just crispy tender, and had lovely grill marks on them.

Just before they were done, I sprinkled each with about 1 TBS of grated strong Cheddar cheese, but you could use any kind of cheese you preferred, or even a combination of cheeses. These turned out EXCELLENT.  They were delicious! 

Yield: 2

Grilled Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese

I am only giving you the quantities to make two servings, but you can certainly make more as this is more of a technique than an actual recipe!  Its delicious! Don't worry about the end bits of raw veg.  You can break them into florets to cook another day, or serve them raw with a tasty vegetable dip.


  • 1 large broccoli crown
  • 1 large head of cauliflower
  • olive oil to brush
  • Italian Herb & Garlic Seasoning to sprinkle
  • 4 TBS grated strong cheese or as desired


How to cook Grilled Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese

  1. Preheat either a grill pan or the BBQ to a moderately heat.  Taking your vegetable crowns, and working in the middle area, cut two 1/3 inch thick steaks from the centre of each. (Reserve the remaining vegetables for another use, Wrap and place in the refrigerator)  You will have 2 broccoli steaks and 2 cauliflower steaks.  Brush each on both sides with a bit of olive oil and then sprinkle with the Italian Herb & Garlic Seasoning to taste.  Place on the grill and cook until your desired doneness, turning them every so often.  Just before they are done, sprinkle each with 1 TBS of cheese and let it melt. Serve immediately. Delicious!
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I know it probably wouldn't be practical to do this for a large number of people because of the amount of veg you would need, not unless you were also offering a raw vegetable tray on the side for dipping. 

Space Grill 

Our BBQ Grill is the Space Grill 1800 3-Burner Gas GrillThis stainless steel Space Grill is a revolutionary idea for modern families with a unique fold-away design which is perfect for garden patio grilling or even using on a high rise balcony. It fits in perfectly every where, and is as truly versatile as it is beautiful!  You can either mount it on an existing load bearing wall, or you can buy a specifically designed stand to mount it on.  

Space Grill

We have ours on a stand which was purchased with the grill.  We got this last year and it arrived almost completely assembled.  In fact, it took Todd longer to break down our old BBQ for disposal, than it did for him to assemble the Space grill. Because we don't own our own home, but are in a rental property, we opted to have the separate stand, rather than using a wall mount. Todd found putting the stand together very easy to do.  Once the stand/or wall are ready, mounting the grill on it is a very simple process. 
This revolutionary, Australian designed, Chef Grade Stainless Steel grill folds out in about 10 seconds. There is no need for super human strength. Even I have found it quite easy. A simple pivot system changes space into a grill. It is really that easy!  

Space Grill 

I can't stress enough how simple it is to install, with the lid doubling as a splash back it is perfect for those small spaces. Simply light the (independently ignited) burners and start cooking. It has two sides,  with a stainless steel  grill and a cast iron griddle plate that  is flat on one side and ridged on the other. What more could anyone ask for?

• Folds away in seconds
• Sleek modern design
• Stainless Steel for rust resistance
• Massive cooking surface (640mm x 480mm)
• Patented auto fold-down drip tray
• 3 separate individual-ignition burners
• Perfect for apartments to mansions
• Lid doubles as a splash-back
• Fast to install
• Multiple cooking plates
• Reversible cast iron flat / grill main plate
• Includes stainless flame grill plate
• No more ugly BBQ's on the deck 

Space Grill 

I am hoping that the lovely weekend we have just enjoyed is just the tip of the iceberg and that we will have a whole summer filled with lovely opportunities to enjoy this fabulous piece of kit! 

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  1. I remember when you got it:)!Veggies are my fave part of the meal usually too:)

    1. I could eat veggies until they come out my ears Monique! I could quite happily become a vegetarian/pescatarian but for the occasional steak! xoxo

  2. Oh that looks amazing! We still have quite a bit of snow , but soon bbq time!

    1. Not long now Laurie! You are sure to love this! xoxo


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