Making Juice

Tuesday 30 April 2019

I was recently afforded the opportunity to try out the Cookhouse Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer.   This is a Masticating Whole Food Juice Extracter, which means that it is a juicer which is able to extract a more nutritious juice. It does this by breaking down plant fibres more thoroughly with ​a ​chewing and grinding action, before extracting the juice under pressure. For many health enthusiasts a Masticating Juicer is the tool of choice for getting more from their juicing!! 

The Cookhouse Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer has a wide Chamber, is easy Clean, and has a specialised motor for maximum nutrition & pulp extraction of fruit & vegetable juice

✔ MAXIMUM NUTRITION - Drink delicious, healthy juices from oranges, apples, vegetables, wheatgrass and more with our easy-to-use, powerful juicer!

✔ WIDE FOOD CHAMBER FOR WHOLE FRUITS - Place whole fruits and vegetables in the wide chamber for quick, easy preparation. No thin slicing or chopping required!

 ✔ QUIET MOTOR - The slow masticating engine not only extracts nutrients more efficiently - it's quieter than standard juicers for a more peaceful kitchen!

 ✔ COMPLETELY SEPARATES PULP FROM JUICE - Don't leave valuable vitamins and minerals behind - our specially designed juicer completely gathers all pulp and separates it for the best and smoothest possible drink experience!

As you can see its fairly compact and doesn't take up much counter room in my small kitchen!  It also comes with a fine juice strainer, a sorbet strainer (for when you want a thicker juice containing pulp), a handy brush for cleaning the strainers and other parts, and a container to catch the pulp as it comes out of the machine.  It separates the pulp from the juice perfectly.

The first juice I decided to make was an apple/carrot/ginger juice.  I peeled my carrots and ginger, and cored my apples and cut them into manageable pieces. 

Popped them into the juicer, and turned it on.  It comes with an excellent instruction booklet which will  help you to assemble your juicer properly and prepare your fruit/veg in the best way possible for extraction!

I used two medium carrots, two eating apples and a nice knob of ginger and as you can see I ended up with one nice large sized glass of delicious juice! 

It was very easy to do and I was really pleased with the results!  A quick rinse through and I was ready to try something else.

The next juice I tried was a combination of strawberries, watermelon and mint.  

I used 600g of fresh berries, which I trimmed and cut in half  . . .  200g of watermelon chunks, and a healthy sprig of fresh mint, feeding them into the juicer alternately. 

This was quite ambition as I ended up with a LOT of juice!  But a very tasty juice! 

You can see it in operation here.  I wish I knew how to post videos, but I haven't be able to figure that out just yet!  They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I have shared several thousands of words with you here! 

I tried to make some strawberry curd with some of my strawberry juice, but it didn't work well, so back to the drawing table on that one. It sounded like a tasty idea and I am not giving up.  Another day! 

As you can see it cleaned up really well with very little effort.  That made me happy.  I was able to handwash all of the components easily and without much trouble at all.  Bonus!  (I am rather lazy you know.)

I am really looking forward to trying out other combinations and varieties of juice now.  This machine was very easy to use and gave excellent results, with no need to strain the resulting juice.  It was also easy to clean and easy to store,  two things which are very important to me.  Its also very reasonably priced, which is also important to a couple of pensioners!  No waste as any pulp can be very easily composted. I highly recommend!  I am truly looking forward to trying other combinations. Watch this space!

To find out more do check it out on the Amazon UK page

 Note - I was sent a juicer free of charge for the purpose of review, but I was not  required to write a positive review in exchange.  Any and all opinions are entirely my own.


  1. I like their products..I think that is what my mini processor is.. we tried juicing ..and found it used way to many veggies and fruits for our was very $$ to keep making juices.And mine was a Breville..had to scrape the extractor etc..too many pieces..too much work too $ for me.We were diligent..and yet I stopped.

  2. We are lucky that we have great access to affordable fruit all the year through, probably because we are so close to Spain! This was very easy to use and to clean! xoxo

    1. Well, then we are luckier. We grow that in our village, LOL


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