Organising My Spices and a Giveaway

Thursday 3 September 2020


These last six months have been  huge trial for many of us. When the lockdown began, like many, I had no idea it would last as long as it has and it is ongoing.

Life suddenly got very narrow.  I keep busy most days and so time has moved along quite swiftly for me. I've been crafting, cooking and organising!

I recently took on the task of organising my spices.  I love to cook and I love putting flavour into foods.

As a consequence of that I have loads of spices and flavourings and I am ashamed to say, this is what they were looking like. (See photo below)

And that wasn't including the spices I had in my two spice racks as well as a stacking spice holder (which has since been replaced.) To put it mildly, things were in a horrible jumble.

I tried to keep them semi-organised, but to be honest, every time I reached for something, especially something out of the ordinary, I was faced with an exercise in frustration!


I recently received these spice labels from Innoveem, which were a great impetus towards me getting organized.  I fell in love with design and practicality of them. Here is a bit about them from the website:

  • Other labels for spice jars often have small hard to read text on them. Our 38mm diameter spice jar labels are perfectly sized to fit on any round or square spice jars, with large BOLD clear and easy to read text. Which ultimately means you can always find the spice jar you are looking for. 
  • This full comprehensive range of herb and spice labels covers the most common herbs and spices used in the UK kitchen today. This consists of 60 colour coded easy to peel pre-printed herb & spice labels, as well as 12 BONUS blank labels so you can label any extra exotic spices or mixes you make yourself. 
  • Our durable adhesive small jar labels have awesome sticking power on Glass, Plastic, Wood and metal surfaces. The glue has excellent sticking performance so the label will not fall off, ensuring they will last a long time. 
  • Because our hard wearing labels for jars are waterproof you will be able to wash and wipe them clean without damaging them. This is great because your labels will continue to look as good as the day you put them on. Suitable for both lids or front of jars! 
  • Do these come with a money back guarantee? YES! Your purchase comes with a full 90-day no-risk, no-nonsense 100% money back guarantee. Either you are thrilled, or we don't want your money!  
I have always been thoroughly impressed with all of the labels I have gotten that are from this company. Everything about them has been exemplary and above board. I was so impressed with the spice labels that I got started right away organizing everything. 


My spice jars in the wall spice cabinets were replaced with matching jars of a single kind and I labeled them all accordingly.  

Green edged labels for the soft herbs. Orange/brown edged labels for the spices. White edged labels for the seeds, etc.

Interestting mixtures and my own homemade mixtures got put into little pots and labeled with the blank spice labels.  They were the  perfect size for these little pots.

As you know I am a great lover of making my own spice combinations and rubs.  You know exactly what goes into them and how old they are.  I have a whole page of them here. This is a list that gets added to.

I also have a printable list which you can find here.

I got rid of my minging old stacking spice racks which I had gotten quite tired of and which were looking quite dated and tatty.  I replaced them with a more modern looking turntable type of spice unit, and of course the spice labels fit perfectly on the ends of the jars.

Everything is now at my fingertips and easily identifiable. I am so, so, SOOOO pleased with the results!

Everything looks a bazillion times better.  And to be honest I feel a bazillion times better. It is amazing at how a simple change such as this can breathe some extra joy and peace into your life! 

If you are wanting to buy some of these spice labels for yourself, you can buy them on Amazon UK. They sell for £4.99 and I highly recommend them.  With 72 labels altogether,  they have all your bases covered! 

I believe so much in the Inoveem labels, and I felt so bad about the Brownie giveway being limited to only UK residents, that I have decided to have a giveaway of my very own. I will be giving one of my readers, ANYWHERE in the world, no limitations as to location, a full set of the Innoveem labels. 

That's a set of the  Freezer labels, the Jam Jar Labels, the Jar Labels and these amazing Spice Labels. Four complete sets in all. All are welcome to enter.  You can enter via the giveaway widget below. The giveaway will end in 7 days time. (September 11th, 2020) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Good luck to one and all!

UPDATE - The giveaway is now finished.  

Congratulations to Lynn Tondro Bisset who was the lucky winner!   Thank you all for playing!


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  1. These labels look lovely and all of your spices are so well organised now.
    Kind regards

  2. I agree, being organized does make one feel better. Just love all the matching jars and the sweet labels. Well done. Long on my to-do list and now with your inspiration, this will be moved up on my list.

  3. Wow! I am not brave enough to take a picture of my spice cupboard! Great job! I have been meaning to do something with it!

  4. My spices are a disaster. I would love to have some organization!

  5. Very nice! Did you cull a bunch?

  6. Being organized makes cooking so much more fun! I would love to be able to find my spices easier.

  7. wow, your pantry is wonderful. Mine is a disaster and these labels would make a world of difference. Thanks Marie for all your recipes, and stories that make them ever better.

  8. Looks Great Marie. I need to also organize my spices. Love your spice corner. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. These are so nice and tidy. And I'd use them to -- wait for it -- label my spice jars! (I couldn't comment on your gadget, for some reason.)

  10. I can certainly understand your frustration searching for spices. I have to do that every single time I need some. They are all together in a couple of baskets but some are in tins, some in bottles, some in bags. Cumin proves to be illusive very time I need some. I love it when a recipe calls for cinnamon or ginger because my husband has them in silver sugar shakers on the table, handy to dust some on his porridge. Your before and after photos are very dramatic. Your reorganized spices look fabulous. You might say you are one of the spice girls! You go girl! Hugs and love, Elaine

    1. Love that your husband has silver shakers! What fun! haha, me a spice girl. I was their biggest fan in the day! xoxo

  11. What a fantastic organizing chore done that I can imagine cooking will be much easier and effortless with your hot new spice set up. I just organized my self proclaimed "RPR" (recipe Page Roundup) since hubby and I enjoy cooking and will have printed out numerous new to us recipes to try, then enjoy. I was always searching for the one we knew was some where... so with many hours dedicated to that project, I tamed that beast into alphabetical order. lol Feels so good. Your spice organization is inspiring, thanks and also for the chance to win some of those labels not available here in New York/USA.

  12. The widget gidget does not appear to be functioning for me either, but would love to be entered in a chance for your giveaway. Heaven knows I could use more organization (yes, more than brownies...but, dang...given those brownies would likely have been my first choice LOL).... Great job on restoring order!! ~Robin~

  13. I would use them for canning.

  14. Had my kitchen remodeled almost a year ago and these would be “icing on the cake” for my spice cabinet and pantry. Thanks for your kindness in making this offer.


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