Salad Bar Subs

Friday 11 September 2020

Salad Bar Subs 
I guess just about all of the kids will be back in school now. What an incredibly frightening time for everyone.  I have seven school aged grandchildren and I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned for them.  I think they are so brave.

Their lives are very different at the moment than ours were growing up. We had so much freedom in comparison. Life was so much simpler.  I pray every day that things will soon be back to normal for them, and in the meantime I pray for their safety. 

They are lunch box toting kids. My DIL posted a lovely photo on FB the other day of their middle boy making his lunch for school. He looked like he was enjoying himself!

I am really pleased that I have not only children who like to cook, but also grandchildren who like to cook.  I know making a sandwich isn't exactly cooking, but when you are 12 its a start! 

Its a proven fact that children love to eat things they make for themselves.  Getting them started cooking is a great way for them to expand their horizons and tastebuds! 

Having them prepare their own school lunches is a great way to start them off in the right direction. Like them, I was never fortunate enough to go to school anywhere they had a cafeteria. It was a packed lunch all the way. I guess it never did me any harm.

I am not recommending this sandwich recipe I am sharing today as one which would work in a brown bag. No, no, no.  These definitely wouldn't work in a brown bag.  They are far too messy for that.  Delicious but messy! 

They do make a perfect lunch to enjoy at home with the family however, especially at the weekend when everyone is home and relaxed.  They are quite different from the brown bagged bologna and mustard or peanut butter and jam!

Salad Bar Subs

The recipe has been adapted from one of those grocery shop magazines.  They were always next to the tils in the grocery stores back home. I could never resist them. They used to have new ones every month.  I did subscribe to a few when I first moved over here.  But in the end that ended up being a pretty costly option.

They can be pretty inspiring when it comes to making your meals interesting.  You can glean a lot of tasty ideas from them.  They go a long ways towards making meal times a bit more interesting and exciting, thats for sure!

I would never have thought of making a sandwich like this.  I have made bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and I have made egg salad sandwiches.  But I have never combined the two together. 

These Salad Bar Subs do just that and in a most delicious way.  I have used single serving sized hoagie buns. You could also use hot dog rolls. You might even want to toast the cut sides.   I didn't, but in retrospect that would have also worked well.

Salad Bar Subs

The cut sides are spread with some rich Dijon Mustard before you start layering in the fillings.  I adore Dijon mustard. It has such a lovely rich flavour.  Its not harsh, but does have a bit of a bite.  

I find English Mustard far too strong and I find American mustard too sharp. Its hard to describe. Bright yellow and a bit too vinegary?

Dijon does have a bit of a bite, but its a mellow bite and quite pleasant. I really like it.  Kudos to the French for that!

Salad Bar Subs

You add a layer of crisp leaf lettuce next and then some thinly  sliced English Cucumber. Washed well you can easily eat and digest the skins of English Cucumbers.  They have a nice mild flavour and not much in the way of seeds.

I like to run the sharp tines of a dinner fork down the edges of a cucumber before I sliced it.  It makes for a very pretty presentation and works especially well in these.

Next you have slices of ripe garden tomatoes.  Oh, I do so love ripe tomatoes. In the summer months I could eat them just like apples.  A ripe tomato to me is like a little taste of heaven. I always keep my tomatoes at room temperature in a bowl.  This is one fruit that does not benefit from being refrigerated!

Salad Bar Subs

Next comes crisp slices of bacon.   I tend to cook my bacon all at once.  I cook it until crisp and then freeze it in zip lock baggies, ready to haul out and use at a moments notice. You can never go wrong with having cooked bacon in the freezer.

Lets face it, if you are going to cook six slices you might as well cook a dozen, or even a couple of pounds!  Bacon on tap. Its  a good thing as Martha would say! 

Is there even such a thing as having too much bacon??? I don't think so!

Salad Bar Subs

Finally you have a quanity of egg salad.  No bells and whistles.  Simply chopped hard boiled egg, mayonnaise, shopped spring onions and some seasoning.  If you use a good quality mayonnaise, that's all you really need.

Besides you have all those other delicious flavours going on. There is no need to complicate things too much. If you really wanted to you could add some minced celery, but to be honest it is perfect just as it is.

And that's it!  A sprinkle of mustard cress (love the bite of mustard cress) or alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, etc.  They make for a really pretty finishing touch, and add a tasty spot of colour and just a bit of spark. 

Altogether, this is a surprisingly delicious sandwich. I can't think of any reasonable human being who would turn on of these down, can you???

Salad Bar Subs

Salad Bar Subs
Yield: 4
Author: Marie Rayner
prep time: 15 Mintotal time: 15 Min
Easy to make and messy to eat, these delicious subs will be putting a smile on everyone's faces!


  • 4 hard boiled large sized free range eggs
  • 3 TBS light mayonnaise
  • 2 spring onions, washed, trimmed and sliced
  • fine sea salt and black pepper to taste
  • 2 TBS Dijon mustard
  • 2 ripe tomatoes, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 English Cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup of salad sprouts (alfalfa, mustard cress, etc.)
  • 8 slices of crisply cooked streaky bacon
  • 4 single sized submarine or hoagie rolls


  1. Chop the hard-boiled eggs and mix together in a bowl along with the mayonnaise, sliced green onions, and salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
  2. Slice each roll almost all the way through. Open the rolls up and spread the cut sides with the mustard. Arrange a lettuce leaf on each side of the rolls.
  3. Top with the sliced tomatoes, cucumbers,  and crisp bacon, dividing equally amongst each roll.
  4. Place an equal amount of the egg salad in each roll. Sprinkle with the sprouts and serve immediately
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Salad Bar Subs

Do make sure you have plenty of napkins at the ready. You will need them. They can get a bit messy when you are eating them, but  I can promise you that you won't mind in the least!

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