The Most Popular Christmas Treats on Instagram

Wednesday 2 December 2020

 From the simplest to the most decadent, festive desserts are one of the reasons we save up all of our calories to splash out at Christmas. With this in mind, the dessert specialists at the cake shop Jack and Beyond were curious to find out what Christmas treats are posted the most by sweet-toothed Instagrammers. 

After surveying 2,861 Brits to find out which festive sweets won’t be missing from their Christmas dinner table this year, Jack and Beyond reveal the top 10 Instagrammable Christmas treats by finding the most tagged desserts.  

Top 3 Most Instagrammable Christmas Treats 

 First place as the ultimate festive treat is Gingerbread. The flavourful spiced biscuit received a whopping 2,388,738 hashtags.  

Christmas Cake is second, with 947,903 hashtags. Although it’s often compared to fruitcake, the two traditional British desserts are slightly different. 

The cake consultant at Jack and Beyond, Sophia Zimmer, explains: "Both festive cakes contain dried fruits and nuts as their principal ingredients. Christmas cake has a richer flavour and is normally covered with marzipan, whilst fruitcake tends to be moister and lighter, as it's usually covered with fruits glacé".  

 Third place is another traditional British treat, a Mince Pie. The crumbly pastry filled mixture of dried fruits and spices was tagged 341,525 times by foodies.  


The 3 Least Instagrammable Christmas Treats 

Fruitcake ranks eighth. Surprisingly, it seems to not feast dinners’ eyes enough to Instagram as it received only 8,635 hashtags.  

Not as ‘Insta-worthy’ as other treats, the sweet and sour-tasting Cranberry Cake is ninth with 5,444 hashtags.  



  The least enjoyable and controversial dessert is Christmas Trifle. With only 3,101 hashtags, the decadent-looking festive version of the traditional English dessert is not as popular on the 'Gram. 




1. To get to the results, the cake shop Jack and Beyond surveyed 2,861 people, asking them what type of Christmas sweets they will have for Christmas dinner in 2020. 

2. The Hashtag data represents live Instagram figures, collected on 26/11/2020. All hashtag variations of desserts are included to increase the validity of the results. 

I don't know about you, but all of these goodies appeal to me. I am not really the kind of person who judges a book by its cover, nor do I only cook what is the most popular recipes on Instagram.  I do, however, find these kinds of surveys interesting. Many thanks to Jack and Beyond for sharing it with me! 

How do you usually pick a recipe from online which you want to cook?  What are the values you use to measure acceptability or cookability or even popularity?  I really want to know!


  1. Christmas would simply not be Christmas without a proper Christmas cake, mince pies by the dozen, a huge trifle (with jelly!!!) and my mum's home made sausage rolls. How I miss those. She made a huge batch every Christmas and the tin of them would come out on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Forget your smoked salmon blinis, your baked Camembert and home made smoked mackerel paté, gimme a nice fat sausage roll any day, especially on Boxing Day !!!
    As for recipes, it's Delia Smith's Christmas cake that we currently have maturing nicely on the sideboard. No recipe needed for the mince pies and trifle - surely ??!!

    1. You would think eh? We should be able to make those with our eyes closed! I found a jar of mincemeat yesterday in the store. I had been looking and looking. Colour me excited! I was going to make my own from scratch like I always do, but so far this year the time has escaped me! I am like you, the traditional treats win with me every day! xoxo

  2. Shortbread must be there somewhere.! I am usually drawn to recipes that have few ingredients and uncomplicated methods of preparation. I always read people’s comments and I can usually tell if they are experienced bakers, that makes a difference to my final decision.

    1. You would think right? Shortbread has to be high on everyone's list of holiday favourites! I agree with you about the comments. They do mean a lot to me as well! xoxo

  3. Thanks so much Laurie! I am like you, we stick mostly to the basics and the traditional for Christmas baking! I think it is the familiar things that we love most that really make our Christmas special, like gumdrop cake, etc. xoxo

  4. Gumdrop cake ??!! Sounds like fun!

  5. Its really good. I am going to try a small batch this year! xo


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