Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes

Friday 18 February 2022

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes


One thing I wanted to get for myself when I was setting up my new kitchen was an Air Fryer.  I had had a really good one in the UK that I used often.  It was a T-Fal Opti fry and was very easy to use. I loved it.  

Of course I had gotten it quite a few years ago. It was rather on the large side and did take up a lot of room. Air Fryers have come a long way since I had gotten that one.  They basically serve a multitude of functions now

You can even bake cakes in them, although I have never done so admittedly.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

I had ordered a Panasonic one from the Bay which never did arrive and so I ended up buying one at our local Home Hardware. It is a Kuraidori  Multi-function Air Fryer.

Air Fryer

So far I have been very pleased with it.   It is a multi-function rotisserie air fryer.  So far I haven't used anything other than the basic functions with it.

I have to say these new air fryers take some getting used to, at least for this old dog. For a time was calling my air fryer the "cremator,"  but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

It is said that an air fryer gives you all of the advantages of deep frying without any of the calories, especially f you enjoy fried foods.  Can I be honest here?

If you are looking for deep fried flavor, you are not going to get it with an air fryer. You will get crisp in most cases however.

You do also have to time things very carefully because you can go from perfection to inedible at the drop of a hat, but having said that I am enjoying getting to know mine and eating things I am preparing in it.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 


1.  Read the instruction manual for your air fryer very carefully before cooking. This will help to make sure you understand specific features of your air fryer before you start to cook.

2.  You can cook foods typically cooked in the oven in your air fryer. Because the air fryer is a more condensed rather than a regular oven, it is recommended that you cut the oven temperature by 25 - 50*F (6-10*C). You should also cut about 20% off of the cook times.

3. To help prevent foods from sticking to your air fryer basket, spray with nonstick cook spray before add the food, or line the basket with baking parchment.  You can also get your food to crisp up better by spraying occasionally with cooking spray during the cooking process.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

4.  Don't over-fill the basket. Bear in mind you will probably need to cook in batches as needed.

5. Light foods may blow around from the pressure of the fan. Secure foods in the basket to help prevent this.  Toothpicks come in very handy for this.  My air fryer came with two baskets. I place the light food in one and then put the other basket over top.  This works well.

6. Don't be afraid to check your food while cooking by opening your air fryer. This will not alter or disturb the cooking times, but it is one sure way to prevent your food from being over cooked.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes


One thing I have been really enjoying in my Air Fryer this week is Sweet Potatoes. I adore Sweet Potatoes. They are one of my favorite vegetables.

Not only are they deliciously filled with fiber, but they are actually considered to be a super food, packing a real nutritional wallop! They have about 50% more fiber than a regular baking potato and are loaded with Vitamins A and C.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

I have always loved them baked. Normally I would throw them into the oven on a baking tray and leave them to bake while the rest of the meal is cooking.  

This week I am taking advantage of my air fryer to do the exact same thing, with excellent results.

Do note however, it has been my experience when baking sweet potatoes, either in the oven or the air fryer, you are never going to get the really crisp skin that you might get when baking regular potatoes.

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Nothing special is needed, other than the sweet potatoes themselves and an air fryer!   Do take care when picking out your sweet potatoes.

Be sure to pick potatoes that are smooth skinned and blemish free, without any dark spots.  Also no wrinkles or cracks.  A wrinkled sweet potato usually indicates an old sweet potato!

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Scrub your sweet potatoes really well with a vegetable brush and then dry them with some paper towels.  You can then prick them all over with a fork.

Toss them into your air fryer basket and bake away!  I usually do two at a time. I do have to say an air fryer is ideal for a person on their own or a couple, unless you have a super large one! 

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes

About 40 minutes later you will be rewarded with a lovely, perfectly baked sweet potato with a nice fluffy interior, ready to dollop with whatever you enjoy on baked potatoes.  

Personally I really enjoy them with a nice pat of butter, some salt and pepper, but you can top them with anything.  Chili. Cheese. Sour Cream, bacon . . . chives. The world really is your oyster when it comes to these delicious nutritional giants!

Any leftovers can be wrapped and refrigerated.  To reheat I simply peel and reheat gently in a small saucepan over medium low heat. Delicious! 

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes

Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes

Yield: 2
Author: Marie Rayner
Cook time: 40 MinTotal time: 40 Min
These are delicious. They end up perfectly baked in less time than it takes to bake them in a regular oven. I love them.


  • 2 medium sized sweet potatoes


  1. Wash the sweet potatoes really well then dry with some paper towels. Prick them all over with a fork.
  2. Place in the air fryer basket.
  3. Air fry for 35 to 40 minutes at 375*F/190*C.
  4. Serve hot, split open and with your favorite toppings.


If you don't have an air fryer, you can easily bake sweet potatoes in the oven. Wash and prick as above. Bake at 400*F/200*C for about an hour at which time the potato should be soft in the centre and yield slightly to light pressure. A knife will slip in very easily.

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  1. There are only two of us at home now and I have a Ninja 9/1. I absolutely love it. It's a slow cooker, can bake, grill and pressure cook. I hardly ever have my large oven on now, so I must be saving on my electricity bills.

    1. I think it will also come in really handy in the summer when we don't want to be heating up our kitchens Eleanor! yay! xoxo

  2. I love sweet potatoes, too! Since we moved to a southern state of the USA I have been growing our own sweet potatoes. I have to say I didn't realize how easy it is to grow them, and I am still enjoying some of those we grew from last summer. I recently purchased a toaster oven and it has an air fryer mode. I find that it cooks quicker and like Eleanor I don't use my oven as much.

    1. How wonderful that you can grow your own Elaine! Do you have to cure them? I have a toaster oven which has the air fryer mode, but I burn EVERYTHING in it. I haven't been able to get a handle on just how to use it properly yet! I think I need to be more patient and read things better! xoxo

    2. Yes, there is a curing time right after I harvest them, then I store them in the basement. It's always fun to dig them up and see what God has produced for me. :) I have been growing slips from this particular variety for a number of years. As spring approaches they start producing shoots and I just break them off and put them in water.

    3. What a special blessing Elaine! I bet they taste just wonderful! Thank you for teaching me! xo


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