Another Grocery Haul

Thursday 31 August 2023

out and about 

For the first time in almost two weeks I got out and about today. (Wednesday as I write this.)  I have been incredibly unwell and except for going to the hospital clinic on Sunday past, I have not left my house at all. I am so blessed in that I have a sister who has been seeing to me, bringing me my medicines and anything else I might need.  I do not take that for granted.

Today she talked me into going for a drive with her. At first I thought not, and then I decided it would probably do me some good to get out of the house and so I said sure.  I always enjoy our road trips very much. Normally we don't go very far, but we have a few local places we like to haunt.


I did come home with a few items out of the ordinary and so I thought I would share my road trip haul with you today! (There is still not much cooking going on!)

grocery haul

The first place we went was the Spurr Brothers Farm Market, which is in Wilmot just outside the town I live in.  They are quite a nice farm market, specializing in their own farm produced quality fruits and vegetables, their own pressed ciders, baked goods from local bakers, and a good quantity of locally produced cheeses, pickles, meats, etc.

They even have a field where you can pick your own sunflowers.  

It opened last year and we have been frequent shoppers.  Some of their things can be a bit pricey, but they have always been very good quality.   I always spend too much money there.  Today was no different, I spent $52.28 in total.  Here is what I got!

A lovely looking Acorn Squash for $1.75.  Its just a tiny one which is the right size for just me.  It looks perfect.

I also got a jar of Cheryl's Sunshine Relish for $8.50.  I love sunshine relish and it has been many, many years since I have made any.  I had my friend Edna's recipe that I used to make tons of every year. I am hoping that this is just as delicious!


I got myself two jars of the Seven Acres Ferments Sauerkraut.  This is locally produced in Canning, which is further up the valley.  My sister has been raving about their sauerkraut.  Usually she makes her own Kraut, but she has been feeling lazy she says and so has been buying this. 

I got a jar of Apple & Fennel Kraut for $12 and I can't wait to try it.  Those are two of my favorite things and I can imagine that when paired in a fermented kraut they will be delicious.

I also got a jar of the Classic Caraway which was $10.   Things like fermented Kraut are good for your insides.  They help to form good bacteria in your gut.  When I am finished my antibiotics I will need something like this to help me get back on track.


A pack of MAD Bakery Cranberry Muffins, $7. I thought they were scones.  There are four in this little paper bag. They look quite good, all puffy and sugar crusted with loads of crags and crannies. 

I was a big disappointed that they were muffins instead of scones, but I am sure they will be delicious nonetheless.


Pretzel Buns 

Two pretzel buns for $3.99.  I have never had a pretzel bun. It was close to lunch time. My stomach did the shopping here. I cannot tell you which bakery they are from as it's not listed on the label.

Apple Tree Mustard 

A jar of Atlantic Mustard Mill, Apple Tree Mustard for $7.99 Another Maritime produced product, this i is made on Prince Edward Island and is only one of a variety of flavors that they make. My sister had given me a jar of their Pineapple Curry Mustard for my birthday which was gorgeous. I used some of that to make my Honey Mustard Pork Chops the other week. 

This apple one sounded delicious.  I couldn't resist trying it! I love mustard.

After paying for our goods here we took a trip a bit further down the road to the farm market we usually shop at, Gouchers.  We buy a lot of our produce here. It can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but its good more often than not.  We also buy our locally produced ground beef here. Its the best!

grocery haul 

I spent $19.78 at Gouchers.  I picked up some really nice looking new red potatoes.  I might boil myself a couple to have with my chicken for my supper tonight.  I have been eating grilled chicken and rice for a few days now, a few potatoes will make for a nice change.  $1.05 for the potatoes.

I bought some old fashioned pinwheel type Cinnamon Rolls for $6.25 (I gave one to my sister) and a loaf of cheese Bread for $5.49.  Both are made Comeau's Bakery Farm Market in Meteghan.   We love their cheese bread and apparently everyone does because getting a loaf of it is like striking gold. There was only one loaf left today and I split it with my sister.   I could eat this all on its own without even putting butter on it. It's soooo good!

I also picked up a package of Farmer John's Fish Cake mix.  I gave it to my sister so that she can make us fish cakes sometime for supper.   This is another Maritime product. We always buy the Farmer John's summer savory.

My sister has a whole whack of haddock in her freezer and we all like fish cakes, so we thought this would go down a treat at some future date! 

We left there and ended up at the Independent Grocery store here in town.  That is where I do most of my shopping.  They carry a lot of the same things that the Atlantic Super Store carries.

Independent haul

I spent $30.44 in the Independent.    I got a pack of my favorite Corn Twists ($3.49 plus tax), a bag of soft light brown sugar ($3.29),  a bag of salted roasted Pistachios ($11.99 ouch), some Black Forest Ham ($6.99) and a small salad with dressing ($5.)

I was all out of brown sugar and I might feel like baking soon, you never know, hope springs eternal.  I do like to have a salty treat at night when I am watching television, so I usually have the corn twists in the house and sometimes I like a nut. Pistachios are my favorites.

And that was it.  I spent a bomb, but I got a quite few interesting things and new things to try.

Pretzel Sandwich


After we got home and I unpacked everything I used one of the pretzel buns to make myself a simple sandwich of ham, lettuce and cheese. I used some of that delicious mustard (YUMMY!) and finished off the cherry tomatoes my sister had given me as a treat on the side.

And now I am going to have a nap.  Here's hoping that tomorrow I will feel even better that I do today!  I really hope that none of you get what I have had.  Its pretty nasty stuff.  I do seem to feel a better with each day that passes however, so that is good.

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  1. So glad you're feeling a little better, Marie. I enjoyed hearing about your trip to the markets. You found so many interesting items. Enjoy! Love and hugs, Elaine (in Toronto)

    1. Thanks Elaine. I love going to these little out of the way places. We have plans to go to another one maybe next week that is even further up country. Watch this space! Love and hugs, xoxo

  2. Glad you are feeling better, what you have had sounds very nasty! All that good food can only help!

    1. Oh Jane, it was really nasty. A very bad respiratory infection that affected my eyes, ears, etc. I am so happy to be feeling somewhat better now! Thank you! xo

  3. How lovely to get out for a trip with Cindy and get some delicious items. Bet you were tired after that trip. Take care.

    1. I really was tired Linda. It is hard to not get up and do tons of stuff now I am feeling better, but it is better for me to take it slow I think! Thank you! xo

  4. Oh Marie, I'm so sorry you have been so ill. That sounds grim. And I'm glad you are on the mend. It was fun seeing your haul. I thought the farm market prices on the produce were better than what you see here. Much better. The grocery store prices similar -- some higher, some lower. You got a wonderful array of items!

    1. Thanks very much Jeanie. I do enjoy a good root through a farm market. I used to love shopping in the US when we lived closer to the border. xo

  5. Glad you are feeling better! Do you know what kind of virus you had? How good it must be to have a sister who so lovingly cares for you. It's my biggest regret in life, not to have a sister.

    Your shopping trip sounds very enjoyable and the loot all looks wonderful; I love artisan mustards, too. Your cheese bread reminds me that I need to bake a loaf! I can't imagine Comeaus' cheese bread being any better than the recipe you supplied us.

    1. Oh, it is not near as good as my own homemade cheese bread Sue, but when you don't feel like baking it is a good second choice! I am very lucky to have my sister. I think (hope) the feeling is mutual! I am not sure what I have had virus wise. I do know it wasn't Covid. It started off as a cold and just slammed me with a triple infection, eyes, ears, chest. Not nice at all. xo

  6. Didn't know you had been sick Marie. Very pleased to hear that you are up and about again. Take care.


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