Meals of the Week, December 10th - 16th, 2023

Sunday 17 December 2023


Meals of the Week, December 10th - 16th, 2023

Here I am with another Meals of the Week post to share with you. On Sundays each week I like to share with you, my dear readers, all of the recipes for the Main Meals that I have enjoyed over the previous 7 days!  This is something you all seem to enjoy and I enjoy sharing them with you.

I am determined to cook myself decent meals even though I find myself living on my own.  I don't ever want to be that person who indulges in overly processed premade meals and takeaways.  Although these past few weeks  I have eaten out twice a week. (NOT normal.)  Usually I do eat out once  a week with my dad and I try to choose a healthy option most of the time when I do. 

In any case I have provided a suitable alternative that compares well with what I have eaten when I was out. I do think that home cooked food, whilst more labor intensive for sure, is always better for you and better tasting in most cases!

Sharing these recipes with you has inspired me to cook regularly as well.  I love sharing my recipes with you and I really do hope that you are inspired to want to cook them and to cook regularly for yourself as well!  Together we can all eat healthier, well managed  and complete meals that don't necessarily require a whole lot of work to put together!

And without wittering on any longer I give you my most recent Meals of the Week!

Roast Chicken with a Lemon & Herb Stuffing

SUNDAY, December 10th - Family Dinner at my Sister's

I had dinner at my sisters on Sunday with the family. (Cindy, Dan, Dad and myself)  Cindy had cooked a roast chicken. She recently got a real bargain on a whole lot of roasting chickens.  She is very good at rooting out those bargains!   We had the roast chicken with all the usual suspects on the side.

The recipe I am sharing with  you for Roast Chicken is Roast Chicken with a Lemon & Herb Stuffing. This is one of my favorite roast chicken recipes.  The chicken is always moist and tender, the stuffing is delicious and you end up with a nice gravy as well. You can't go wrong with a roast chicken! 

Lasagna Roll Ups

MONDAY, December 11th - Lasagna Roll Ups

I cooked a small batch of Lasagna Roll Ups based on a recipe that I adapted from Natasha's Kitchen.  If you are looking for a full batch do check out her recipe. My adaptation made four roll ups, which was enough to enjoy on the day for myself and then another serving to freeze.  The recipe feeds two people generously.  

They were rich and delicious and I loved how it didn't slide all over the plate. Everything was compact in a nice neat little package.  I enjoyed with some crusty bread and a salad on the side.

Chicken and Rice, street cart style (for two)

TUESDAY, December 12th -Chicken and Rice, street cart style (for two) 


I love anything with dashing flavors and this Street Cart Style Chicken is one of my favorite things.  I love that I had adapted my full recipe to a small batch recipe which is just right for me with some leftovers for lunch the next day. 

I also like to think that it is fairly healthy.  Lightly spiced grilled chicken, salad, rice and some flat bread to enjoy with it.  I love the sauce which gets drizzled over top. If you use low fat ingredients, its pretty healthy also.  Altogether this is a meal in one. Nothing else needed.

Flat Meatballs and Gravy

WEDNESDAY, December 13th - Dinner out with Dad

Wednesday nights I always have dinner out with my father and his friend Hazel. This week my sister joined us as well.  We always go to the Big Scoop which is a restaurant near us.  My ex brother in law calls it the Big Poop, but that is because he liked to give things what he thinks are funny names.  And I suppose it is a bit funny.

Their special of the day on Wednesday was Honey Garlic Meatballs with rice.  I am sharing my recipe for Flat Meatballs and Gravy with you in it's place.   You are sure to love them. They are tender and juicy and have a really delicious gravy.  I usually like to serve them with rice and a vegetable on the side. They also freeze very well.

The Colossal Club Sandwich

THURSDAY, December 14th - Lunch out with my sister

I had been promising to take my sister out for lunch to the Farmers Family Diner all summer.  Since it is closing for the season on the 24th of December I thought we better high-tail it there before it was too late to catch them this year!  We really wanted to share one of their Colossal Club Sandwiches.  It is known for being HUGE.  We split one and were glad that we did. That photograph is of the half sandwich!  I don't know how anyone could eat a whole one!  Luckily for us they do a deal where they split it and you get the half sandwich each, plus fries, coleslaw and a piece of pie!

Yes mam!  We did have pie.  I had wild blueberry and she had coconut cream. Just in case you were wanting to make yourself a club sandwich for your supper on this day, here is my recipe for the Ultra Turkey Club Sandwich.  It is also delicious with turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce. Since this is a big sandwich also, it will feed two people just nicely.

Crispy Coated Honey Mustard Baked Salmon

FRIDAY, December 15th - Crispy Coated Honey Mustard Baked Salmon Fillets

I took it easy on Friday and had some fish.  Crispy Coated Honey Mustard Baked Salmon Fillets.  This was always one of the favorite ways that my boss liked me to cook salmon for them when I worked at the manor. Being an oily fish with a stronger flavor,  salmon holds up very well with the zippy flavor of the Dijon mustard in that crispy coating.  Tender juicy perfectly cooked fish with a beautifully flavored crisp crumb on top. 

This is a really lovely way to enjoy salmon. After all of my indulgences of the week I chose to have mine with a chopped salad on the side, but this goes very well with all kinds of sides. A favorite is a potato gratin and some steamed broccoli.  Salmon and Broccoli have a wonderful affinity for each other.

Cheese Enchiladas

SATURDAY,  December 16th - Cheese Enchiladas

On Saturday I cooked myself a downscaled version of Cheese Enchiladas.  I do so love anything Tex Mex.  I make my own enchilada sauce. You can find that at the bottom of this page.  I had not made these cheese enchiladas since my daughter was staying with me last year.  She will be coming to stay with me again in February while her husband is away. You can bet I will be making them again for us!

They are so delicious.  Rich and cheesy, but not overly so.  Just right. I enjoyed my enchiladas with a nice mixed green salad. It was all a real treat!

And there you have it! My meals of the week for the past week. Not so shabby and I get to do it all over again next week! 

This next week being the last week before Christmas I expect I will be cooking a few simpler things as the days get a bit busier!  Actually none of what I cook is really all that complicated.  I fear I am getting somewhat lazy in my old age!  But lazy doesn't mean you can't still eat very well and I think I am proving that!

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  1. Delicious as always Marie, love your added recipes for similar meals that you had out.


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