Millionaires' Shortbread

Monday 21 September 2009

Millionaires' Shortbread has to be the ultimate indulgence of all time.

Imagine a crispy short and buttery base, spread with a totally scrumptious and rich caramel filling, and then covered with a crisp chocolate shell . . .

Each bite brings you an indulgently scrumptious taste of all three together.

mmmmmmmm . . . incredibly moreish . . .

Oh sure . . . You could buy it . . . they sell it in all the shops . . .

but . . . like all things . . .

Homemade is infinitely better . . .

Truly . . .

Would I lie to you????

*Millionaires' Shortbread*
Makes 24 squares
Printable Recipe

These are fabulous. The three textures . . . crisp shortbread base, gooey caramel centre and the crisp chocolate shell on top make for a decadently moreish bar. Bet you can't eat just one!!

For the Shortbread Base:
9 ounces flour
3 ounces caster sugar
6 ounces butter, cut into bits
For the Caramel:
4 ounces butter
4 ounces soft light brown sugar
2 - 397g tins of sweetened condensed milk
For the chocolate topping:
7 ounces good quality plain chocolate

Pre-heat the oven to 180*C/375*F. Butter a 13 by 9 inch swiss roll tin. Set aside.

Weigh the flour, sugar and butter into a bowl. Rub the butter into the flour and sugar with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Knead the mixture until it forms a dough. Press this into the base of the prepared tin, smoothing out evenly. Prick all over with a fork. Bake for 20 minutes, until firm to the touch and very lightly browned. Remove from the oven and cool.

To make the caramel, place all the caramel ingredients into a saucepan. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, stirring constantly. Bring to the boil, still stirring, then reduce the heat to low and cook very gently for about 5 minutes or so until the mixture has thickened slightly. Do not stop stirring as the mixture will catch and burn if you don't keep it moving. Remove from the heat and pour over the cooled shortbread base. Allow to cool completely.

To make the chocolate topping, break the chocolate into pieces and place into a bowl that you have set over simmering water. (Don't allow the bowl to touch the water) Melt completely, stirring occasionally. Pour over the cold caramel and leave to set. Cut into squares or bars to serve.

Note - you can vary the chocolate topping by melting about 3 ounces of each, dark, milk and white chocolate separately. Drop by dollops onto the top of the caramel and lightly swirl together to cover. Leave to set before cutting.


  1. This is so beautifully done, Good JOB :)

  2. Oooh these look so delicious !
    Being a lover of shortbread, I shall try...
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Soooo good, Marie! I've not made this before, but should give it a go!...mmm...Happy Day, dear friend--LOVE YA ((BIG HUGS))

  4. Yes, this really looks delicious...thanks

  5. Oh my, leaves look amazing - ticking all the boxes on my "favorites" list....must try them soon.

  6. Wow..I don't even think I can add to this :) I would have fans:)

  7. oh this is my all time favorite great job

  8. I didn't read your post on purpose because I knew I'd end dribbling all over my laptop! The temptation got too much for me today and I've caved in ... and now I'm dribbling! They look great!

  9. Oh my God Marie! I have to bookmark these too, so decadent!

  10. Ha! I was impressed by your blog... and choice in music, and then lo and behold a familiar melody comes out in one of the songs! Then I look a little closer and find that you're LDS. It's such a small world.

    Thanks for being such a great example of righteousness!

  11. Nice recipe, but it would be much easier to read if it were in metric. Imperial hasn't been taught in schools in the UK for many decades. I

  12. Phil. A set of kitchen scales solves that problem nicely.


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