Perfect Porridge

Thursday 10 September 2009

Feeling your oats is one of the nicest ways to look after your heart and to start your day in a nutritiously tasty way. I reckon I have oats in at least one form or another every morning.

As tasty meusli, mixed with nuts and fruit.

As a delicious granola, sweet with honey, and raisins and chock full of nuts.

Crumbly cereal bits, stirred into yummy Greek Yoghurt and drizzled with Greek Honey.

Or, as the most comforting and delicious way of all . . .

Cooked and simmered into a nice big bowl of porridge.

Not too hot.

Not too cold.

Just right . . . sigh . . . papa bear loves it too . . .

*Perfect Porridge*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

There is nothing like a tasty bowl of porridge oats to warm the tummy on these cooler mornings. I find a bowl of this keeps me going for more than half the day. It's most comforting and quite nourishing.

1 1/2 pints of whole milk
8 ounces porridge oats
1 TBS golden syrup
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp freshly ground nutmeg
pinch salt
7 ounces single cream
1/2 cup sultanana raisins
Brown sugar to serve and additional milk or cream

Place the milk in a large non-stick saucepan. Bring to the boil and then whisk in the oats, syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins and salt. Reduce to a slow simmer and then cook, stirring from time to time, for 8 to 10 minutes, until cooked. Whisk in the 7 ounces of cream and heat gently. Spoon into warm bowls, sprinkle with brown sugar and pass the milk!

Note - I sometimes add chopped apricots, or dates, or even a mashed banana. Delicious!


  1. This will warm MOTH's heart Marie, he has the biggest bowl of porridge most mornings! As he does a very physical job, he says it's the only thing that stops him from hitting the 'low on carbs.' wall around 11a.m. & then heading to the Bakery for a pig out. Pretty wonderful & special food I reckon.
    Millie ^_^

  2. 'How to make porridge' is one of those shortcuts to a lively argument, I find.

    I favour the Scottish way, very plain, with a good pinch of salt, but then some milk added later and golden syrup. I know lots of people would disagree!

  3. Marie...Have always been a big fan of oats too. My fav. is a scoop of vanilla Ice cream on top. I tried in on a ski trip in high school and it stuck. Then you don't need the added sugar and cream( Maybe!)...My grandkids LOVE it this way now...Thanks for the memories, xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. You almost have me convinced, Marie...LOL!... Porridge was never one of my favorites, I have to admit... But your lovely presentation has me thinking I ought to give this a try again. I will definitely have to have a good quantity of sugar on it though...LOL! Happy Day, dear friend--LOVE YA ((BIG HUGS))

  5. This is my favourite way to start the day! The pinch of salt is the most important ingredient - there's nothing worse that underseasoned porridge!

  6. man that looks awesome Marie :) Yum!

  7. There is no better way to start the day in winter I reckon. Beiung the sweet tooth that I am I love it with milk and sugar, though my Scottish Grandfather does not approve lol

  8. Perfect indeed! My favorite way to enjoy porridge, just like daddy made it!

  9. What are porridge oats? Are they different from rolled oats?


  10. Porridge oats are grains of oats that have been rolled flat until they are about to lose their shape completely and turn into a coarse flour; in other words as fine as possible while still retaining their shape as a flake. This means that they are fairly powdery and will therefore absorb liquid quickly, which is why you only have to cook them for 2 or 3 minutes to get porridge. Jumbo oats are coarser. They are rolled flat but that is all and because they are not broken down so much, they retain their shape. Porridge oats go pastey when they get wet but jumbo oats stay firm. Jumbo oats will break down like porridge oats, but they need cooking for much longer. Jumbos are much better for things like biscuits and flapjacks where a crisper or firmer texture is required. Rolled oats and oatflakes are just 2 other words for the same thing and both words can be used for either porridge or jumbos depending on which part of the country you are in. A classic example of a word meaning one thing in the north and the opposite in the south. Oatmeal is a meal (a coarse flour). It comes in varying degrees of coarseness ranging from the roughest, usually referred to as pinhead, which is an oat grain cut into about 8 pieces; to completely smooth which is just like a wholemeal milled from wheat.

    Hope this answers your question Anonymous!


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