Oatmeal Cookies

Thursday 15 October 2009

There is something very moreish and satisfying about milk and cookies . . . . perhaps they speak to our inner child, and hearken us back to days when life was quite simplistic, and there was not much more to worry about than, whether we have gotten our homework done or not, or if it is Thursday and, as such, not the day to wear yellow because only fruits wear yellow on Thursdays . . . or so the nasty rumour goes . . .

Nothing in all of my hedonistic taste experience tastes any better than an ice cold jug of milk accompanied with half a dozen freshly baked cookies . . . the warmth of the oven still clinging to their buttery goodness . . .

These cookies are the end result of years of testing and experimentation . . . they are buttery, and sweet . . . and crunchy . . . whilst at the same time a bit gooey in the middle without being overly so.

In short they satisfy in a very big way. And . . . you can have them your way . . . whatever your oatmeal penchant might be . . .

Perhaps you like yours plain and unadulterated, or mayhap a few chocolate chips are your bliss . . . some raisons??? (Why does that word look wrongly spelt no matter what I put . . . o . . . e . . . or a ?????)

Or perhaps like myself, you like the crunch of toasted pecans and a bit of flaked coconut.

Whatever your desire, there is one thing for sure . . . Betcha can't eat just one!!!

Got Milk???

*Oatmeal Cookies*
Makes 36
Printable Recipe

Crisp and moreish.

4 ounces soft light brown sugar
3 1/2 ounces caster sugar
4 ounces butter, softened
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 TBS whole milk
7 ounces plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 ounces old fashioned rolled oats
One of the following: 6 ounces chocolate chips, raisons, chopped pecans, or walnuts, or flaked coconut (or a bit of each)

Pre-heat the oven to 180*C/350*F. Lightly grease two baking sheets. Set aside.

Cream the butter along with the two types of sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the egg, vanilla and milk. Whisk together the flour, soda, baking powder and salt. Stir into the creamed mixture. Add the rolled oats and either the chocolate chips, nuts, raisons or coconut.

Roll into walnut sized balls and place two inches apart on prepared baking sheets.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes until lightly browned on the bottom and edges. Allow to sit on the baking sheet for several minutes before removing to a wire rack to finish cooling.


  1. Now I know you're going to get your spelling corrected.... but not by me, as I think that recipe sounds delicious!

  2. I love oatmeal in crumbles and cookies.. and bars and squares.. and crisps.. hmm..in just about anything..your cookies look delish and that little milk jug is too pretty:)

  3. I have been looking all over for a smaller recipe for Oatmeal cookies; yours sounds perfect.
    I saved of course.Thank you.

  4. Thanks for leaving nice comments on my blog. I am following you also. Those cookies would be great with my coffee this morning :)

  5. Choc chips please lol
    Love your description of the cookies straight from the oven! I can taste them already.

  6. Marie,these cookies look absolutely yummy!! I love your blue jar is beautiful! nice recipe, Im better Marie, tahnks by your prayers, xoxoxo

  7. I wouldn't dream of correcting your spelling - lol. Who could resist milk from a jug like that? I only like it very very cold and a bikkie always makes it even better. Lovely!

    love, Angie, xx

  8. Thanks anonymous! I knew that! For some reason every letter I put in looked wrong! I blame it on a menopausal mind! tee hee!

  9. Those look great, and it seems you like a crunch to your cookie. Have you tried making cookies with steel cut oats?

  10. Hi Marie! As usual I don't know whether this will go through, I don't find it as easy as the old journals. I have to put 'anonymous' as I don't know what else to put!!
    I've been going through old emails and printing off some of your recipes, this one sounds right up my street and as I'm in today I think I'll surprise Peter with them!
    Love, Pat

  11. Hi Marie, I'm planning on making these tomorrow - they sound delicious!! Just wanted to check something with you first - you say to roll into balls and place onto a baking tray - do you have to flatten them first or do they flatten while baking? Thanks for another yummy recipe and hope you're both having a wonderful weekend!

  12. Ali, they flatten themselves out upon baking. I hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we do!! xxoo


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