Christmas Drop Scones

Monday 14 December 2009

Quite often by the time we get home from church on Sundays, it's far too late to cook much of a supper so we usually have something quick. I make it a habit now to cook what would normally have been our Sunday lunch on Saturday evenings, and we have leftovers for Sunday.

Some weeks we've been really busy on Saturday too, and so there are no leftovers to warm up. What to do . . . what to do . . .

You might be forgiven if you look at these as a North American and think right away, those are pancakes! Well, yes, they are very similar to pancakes, but in reality they are something known as Drop Scones, or as you get further up North . . . Scotch Pancakes.

In the olden days these would have been cooked on a solid metal griddle over an open fire. Today we are blessed to have lovely non-stick frying pans.

Blessings come in many guises. Like sweetly spiced, soft drop scones. These are particularly wonderful when you get home from church late on a Sunday afternoon and you are literally starving! Quick, easy and very, very tasty. What's a girl to do?

I decided to add a little Christmas warmth and spice to these with the grated rind of several oranges, a little mixed spice and the juice of the oranges.

They were delightful . . . especially with a bit of butter and golden syrup on top.

Sticky fingers never tasted so good . . . neither did Sundays . . . ☺

*Christmas Drop Scones*

Makes about 24
Printable Recipe

Serve these as soon as they are made with oodles of butter and golden syrup. If you can get the festive flavoured golden syrups so much the better, but really plain old golden syrup tastes just wonderful. If you do need to make these in advance, arrange them in a single layer on an ovenproof plate, cover tightly with some foil wrap and when ready re-heat in a 160*C/325*F oven for about 10 minutes.

2 large oranges
a little whole milk
6 ounces self raising flour (about 1 1/4 cups, 170g )
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1 1/2 ounces golden caster sugar (3 1/2 TBS)
1 largefree range egg
oil for cooking
golden syrup and butter for serving

Grate the rind from the oranges and set aside.  Squeeze the juice and put into a measuring jug.  Add enough whole milk to measure up to 200ml. (200ml is the same as 7 fluid ounces, or 13 1/2 TBS) Set aside

Measure the flour into a bowl. Whisk together with the baking powder, mixed spice and caster sugar, combining well. Make a well in the centre of the flour and then add the egg and half of the orange juice mixture. Whisk together well to make a smooth thick batter, then wisk in enough of the remaining orange mixture to make a batter which has the consistency of thick cream.

Heat a large nonstick skillet or griddle over medium heat. Grease with a little bit of oil. Using a dessertspoon, drop spoonfuls onto the hot pan, spacing each about 2 inches apart. When bubbles appear on the surface, flip them over with a spatula and cook on the other side for about 30 seconds to one minute, until golden brown. Transfer to a wire rack and keep warm with a clean tea towel over top, while you cook the rest.

Cook the remaining batter in the same way. Serve these lovely scones warm with butter and golden syrup for spreading. Delicious!


  1. First,first, je,je, Dear Marie I m going to the bed (Im soooo tired today) and I remember when I saw your new post you wake up so early my dear!
    What lovely post and lovely scones, nice recipe, hugggs and have a lovely and nice week you and Todd, xoxoxoxo gloria

  2. Marie, I really think you're trying to get me to gain my 50 pounds back, aren't you??? Oh, well! Love those fabulous looking scones--I will try those next Sunday when my big girl is home from BYU--she will LOVE those--they all will!

    My middle daughter, Sarah, was looking through all the wonderful prints you so sweetly sent me--she just loves your style! She really appreciates it, as she's a bit of an artist herself...really was looking at your style, color, etc. You have a new fan in the Campbell family! Well, we're ALL your fans here!

    Much love to you on this Sunday night--I guess it's Monday morning for you! Talk to you later on! My hands smell of roses again........!

  3. Que ricos los scones, nunca me he animado. Pero creo que va siendo hora. Gracias por la receta

  4. These look so good! But they look like pancakes to me, except a little more bready :)


  5. I wonder if you have a little too much oil in your pan Marie, a pancake (as we call them in Scotland) or drop scone should be evenly brown all over. They will taste just as good whatever, I should put my money where my mouth is and make some to show you what I mean. Might not be till after Christmas though!

  6. We call these pikelets! And what pretty, perfect, christmassy pikelets they are! Plenty of butter/oil for them to cook in is fine by me (wink). I love the crisp ring they get around the edge on the first side they cook!

  7. They look delicous Marie!!!!!

  8. I tried and tried to find Lyles Golden Syrup and finally wrote the company. And found out there's no distributor within 1000 miles of me.

    Your scones look so good with a nice, crunchy crust. Perfect!

  9. Where I'm from we call them pikelets and you can't beat them eaten while still warm, butter oozing down your chin ...


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