BLT and Cheese Panini

Sunday 25 April 2010

We were at our local B&Q this morning . . . as you do on a Saturday morning . . . picking up some bedding plants for the garden and some seeds to start for our vegetable garden . . . when we were assaulted by the most delicious smells!

Yes, there was one of those tasty lunch vans parked in the parking lot and the smell of grilling bacon and onions made my tastebuds immediately begin to tingle! (There oughta be a law against those vans!)

Oh, the pleasure of a bacon sarnie on a Saturday morning is something that I have not indulged in for a long time now.

I immedately went home and made us a couple for lunch.

Mine had an additional twist . . . of course! I made a delicious almost rarebit filling to toast on the bottom halves.

Oh my but this was good. The melted cheesey filling, the crisp salty bacon, the sweet tomatoes and crispy lettuce . . .

All on a toasted panini roll.

Can life possibly get any better than this???

I think not! (I'm sooooo baD!!!)

*BLT and Cheese Panini*
Makes 2
Printable Recipe

Delicious BLT Panini Sandwiches with an added twist. A delicious cheese rarebit spread on the bottom and toasted before adding the bacon and tomato. Scrummy!

2 fresh ciabata panini rolls, split in half through the middle
2 TBS cream cheese
2 TBS good quality mayonnaise
2 ounces shredded strong cheddar cheese
1 spring onion, trimmed and minced
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1/2 pound grilled thick sliced streaky bacon (dry cure)
1 large tomato thinly sliced
a good handful of thinly shredded lettuce
additonal mayonnaise as required

Heat the grill on your oven to high. Mix the cream cheese, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and spring onion together. Spread this mixture over the bottom halves of the panini, dividing it equally. Sprinkle with some black pepper. Toast under the grill until the cheese is bubbling and beginning to brown in places. Remove from the grill. Top with the slices of cooked bacon, tomatoes and lettuce. Spread the panini tops with mayonnaise if you wish and then place them on top of the loaded bottoms. You can then grill them in a panini press if desired until golden brown, but we never find this necessary. We just dig in right away!


  1. That's what I'm talkin bout!
    I love a good Panini...
    Happy Sunday my friend,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. You ARE bad, but sometimes bad is GOOD! Love the recipe; it looks delicious {albeit very fattening} and the perfect treat for the weekend! xx P&H

  3. lol - those vans are a bad influance on us all!!! But the end result can never be sniffed at.

  4. Madre mia, qué tentacion mas rica!!!!

  5. Those vans don't taste half as good as they smell.. always best to go home and make your own. Yours looks fab - loving the sound of the raebit filling!

  6. What a lovely looking panini Marie! Love the BLT filling with cheese.
    And YES there 'oughta be a law against those vans'! lol

  7. oh this looks lovely! I really want one now! I know what you mean about those vans, too tempting! I bet this version is healthier than what they would serve though!

  8. OH MY! those look amazing. definitely something we'll be trying this week-thanks marie!!

  9. OK...made these for supper tonight and we loved them. The extra cheesy filling takes them over the top. Thanks for the idea.


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