Chai Cupcakes

Monday 3 May 2010

A good friend of ours has been a bit under the weather lately. As she is also a bit elderly, this can be somewhat serious, and we wanted to go and visit her this afternoon, both to cheer her up and to check on her, and to make sure she had everything she needed . . .

I didn't want to go empty handed though. I wanted our cheer up visit to be more than just our two ugly mugs . . . I wanted to bring her a little treat that might tempt her appetite a bit, and bring a smile to her face.

Cupcakes are the perfect portable pressie for someone who is ailing. Just small enough that they aren't too much for them to handle, and yet so cute and tasty looking, that they are sure to tempt even the smallest appetite.

Little cakes are sure to bring a smile to most people's faces . . .

Especially when you dress them up in lacy coats and candy sprinkles. These were well received and went down a real treat. Slightly spicy with the warm flavours of chai tea and a lucious lemon buttercream icing.

*Chai Cupcakes*
Makes one dozen
Printable Recipe

A delicious cupcake, with spicy warm flavours, and a delicious lemony buttercream icing on top!

For the cupcakes:
8 ounces self raising flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch salt
1 TBS chai tea powder
2 1/2 ounces unsalted butter, softened
5 ounces soft light brown sugar
2 large egg whites
5 fluid ounces of sour milk
(To sour milk add 1 tsp of lemon juice to a measuring beaker and add
milk to the measure required. Let stand for 5 minutes before using. You
can also use an equivalent amount of buttermilk)

For the Icing:
5 ounces butter, softened
10 ounces icing sugar, sifted
the juice of one lemon as required
a few drops of yellow foodcolouring if desired

Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/Gas mark 4. LIne a 12 cup muffin tin with paper liners. Set aside.

Sift the flour, baking powder, salt and chai tea powder together into a medium bowl. In a separate bowl cream the butter and brown sugar together until smooth and light. Add the egg whites, slowly beating them in until the mixture is well amalgamated. Stir in the flour mixture along with the buttermilk, mixing until well combined. Divide the mixture equally amongst the prepared cups. Bake for 20 minutes, or until they test done and the top springs back when lightly touched. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from the pans to a wire rack to cool completely.

To make the icing beat all of the ingredients together, adding only enough lemon juice to make an icing of proper spreading consistency. You may or may not need it all. Add 1 TBS at a time. Spread over the tops of the cooled cupcakes. Sprinkle with sprinkles if desired. Delicious!

You didn't think I was going to give a cake to someone that I hadn't already test tasted first . . . just to make sure they were gift worthy . . . ahem . . . you know how it is!


  1. Yum! I love chai, I bet they were delicious. And I love the cupcake wrappers too.


  2. Lovely gift Marie. Hoping your friend is on the mend
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Oh, so good... these are lovely, Marie! And where do you find those fancy cupcake cups/wrappers? Nothing like those here... LOL! Do hope your friend will be feeling better soon. Happy Day, dear friend--LOVE YOU :o) ((BIG HUGS))

  4. I never heard of Chai Tea before! Would I get it in Asda or somewhere?

    love, Angie, xx

  5. Become hooked on Chai tea Latte when I was in the US for a year and chai cupcakes are on my to-do list! Yours look absolutely delish-I´m sure they did the job in cheering up your friend!

  6. These look so pretty in their cases - I am sure these really cheered your friend up.

  7. I am so hungry for cupcakes and this is so different! I would love to try them! Maybe I'll treat myself! ♥

  8. Those look wonderful - I cannot wait to try them!

  9. These look so cute and sunny that I'm sure they cheered your friend up. Plus you ahve tea and cake in one bite!

    Love the chai flavour

  10. Wow--chai cupcakes sound wonderful! My husband swears cupcakes taste better than cake, even if you use the same batter and frosting! He would love these!

  11. These are beautiful cupcakes. I would be feeling better immediately. Thanks for sharing.


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