A few bits and pieces and Pie Crust Cookies

Thursday 11 October 2012

This is my spice area, next to my stove.  I know it's a mess.  I am really cramped for space in my kitchen, which I find very frustrating and annoying.  Sometimes I just want to scream.  I bet if I told you I have about a 12 inch square work space to use, you wouldn't believe me.  But it's true . . . all the magic happens in a 12 inch square space, and sometimes I don't even have that.

That's why I was so excited when this arrived the other day!

It's called the Spice Stack!  A handy dandy plastic cabinet, guaranteed to fit in virtually all kitchen cabinets, saving valuable counter-space.  It holds 18 full size spice bottles or 36 half size bottles and includes 96 spice drawer labels.

There are 48 pre-printed and 48 blank stickers, which you can use to label the outside of Spice Stacks three drawers, which makes for even faster location and retrieval of the spices stored inside..  You can organize them alphabetically, or by frequency of use.  It's your choice!


It measures 8 1/2 inches in height, 8 inches in width, and is 10.88 inches deep.  To accommodate large spice collections, multiple spice stacks can be placed side by side or stacked on top of each other.

 It is white in color, which complements any kitchen decor and has non-skid rubber feet which help to hold it securely in place.

It's also durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

This is that same space a short time later.  I love it!  I love it so much that I am going to go out and buy myself another one!  (yes . . . sad but true, I have that many herbs and spices.  Don't judge me.)

You can get it here in the UK at Amazon, for the low price of £27.99, which includes free delivery.   That seems pretty fair to me for what it does.  (Note it does not contain the spices.)


Another item which I received on the same day was this Tovolo Pie Pops Baking set.


This all in one kit came with a Custom Pan, Press and Cut Tool, Sticks and cover for transporting.  The cover also converts to a handy display unit for showing off and serving your pie pop creations.


This is the pan, which is nonstick.  I found it very easy to use actually.  You just roll out your crust, cut out the rounds with the handy dandy cutter/press.

Fill, add the stick and then cover with another round and then press the mould together and it seals everything inside.  You pop them onto the baking pan and presto chango about 15 minutes later you have Pie Pops.

These would be great for a children's party and quite a novelty.  I made jam tarts with it today, and then drizzled them with a glace icing.  They look quite pretty . . . but in all honesty it's a novelty item and while I found the pie pop cutter to be very easy to use and quite useful . . . I can't really see myself using the sticks or the holder on a regular basis.  But for a novelty occasion they were quite cute.

 Tovolo Pie Pops Kit

You can use the little recesses in the holder to hold buttercream icing, or whipped cream . . . and other garnishes for your pie pops if you wanted to as well.

The Toddster quite enjoyed them . . . but when queried about the stick . . . he said, "What is the purpose of the stick?"  He found it hard to eat around the stick . . . and couldn't see the purpose of it.  (So like a man!)  He also didn't like that the pie fell off of the stick with the first bite.  But, if you don't mind a bit of a mess, that wouldn't be a problem.

The whole kit can be purchased at Amazon UK for £32.50, again with free delivery, or at  DrinksStuff for £29.99 plus delivery (regular price £34.99) and The Cooks Kitchen for £25.50 plus delivery.

It's also dish washer safe.  I will probably use the little cutter, sealer and baking pan often as I quite like the size of these little bites of pie.  Perfectly sized for a treat. I doubt seriously if I will use the stand or the sticks again, but the kit would make a fab Christmas or Birthday gift for the keen baker in the family.


Speaking of keen bakers, did your mom used to make pie crust cookies with the leftover pie dough when you were a child???  My mom used to roll all the scraps together and butter them, then fold them and butter them again.  Then she would cut them into squares and we would have them with hot bowls of soup as crackers.

Me . . . I gather them together, reroll them, butter them . . . sprinkle them with lots of cinnamon sugar, fold them over, butter them again and sprinkle them with more cinnamon sugar, and fold again, topping with a final layer of butter and sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.


Then I cut them into squares, place them on a parchment lined baking tray and bake them.  Sure . . . they kind of fly apart a bit . . . but that only adds to the scruminess . . .


Oh, and I like to add an icing drizzle as well.  So good.

Just saying!

Many thanks to Eddingtons for sending me these latest goodies to try out.


  1. Pie Pops? How awesome! These look so cute and delicious. I will have to get one of these kits : ) I also love the spice rack. I'm limited on space as well. This looks fantastic!

    Danielle xo

  2. I'm loving the spice rack and the Pie Pops would be great for my grandgirlies xxx

  3. I may have to stop reading your blog. The pictures alone are making me pile on the weight.......

  4. Yes! We always made pie crust cookies with the scraps from our pies. I still do : )
    You made a great purchase there with that spice rack. The labeled drawers are the perfect finishing touch.

  5. yup, my mom always made pie dough rolls, she'd roll it like a cinnamon roll and slice. They were small little bites that helped us kids to wait for the best part, the PIE!!

    I'm looking at your spice area Marie and I think you can still get more space if you go higher. Get one of those white metal mesh type stands you can use in the cupboard or closet. Try to get the stuff behind the new spice drawers up higher?
    I love the pops idea too, wish they would just sell the cutter and not all the clutter!

  6. Pie Pops? Wow. Don't let my husband see this...

  7. I am so happy you got the spice cupboard:) It looks so nice!

    I love Tavolo products and the mini pie pops look adorable..I know 4 little boys that would love these..remember I have the mini pie Breville thingy I got w/ bank points:) So cute Marie..must have felt like Christmas to you!

  8. Pie crust cookies are awesome! Sometimes I make the pie crust just for the cookies ;)

  9. Marie Im happy you received all these lovely things look so nice!!
    I have porblems in my kitchen too LOL
    I wanna make some fixing but I cant for now.
    all look beauty dear enjoy!!

    Pie cookies look awesome!

  10. Hooray for spice organization!! That looks wonderful! Nothing quite like clearing counters. I might have to make pie crust JUST to try those cookies...

  11. It would probably more practical to have shelves built that are maybe 6-8 inches wides and the height of the small soace you have , to put the spices on- would free up a space in front of them if you then put the spice jars on the shelves. The white "cabinet" takes up a lot of space!


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