A Really Fab Clock!

Tuesday 23 October 2012


As you all know by now, we have one very spoiled and much loved English Cocker in this  house.  Her name is Mitzie.  We don't have any children of our own . . . so Mitzie is pretty much the centre of our lives.  In this house, it's pretty much love us . . . love our dog!


We recently had some professional photographs done, with the idea in mind of it being a "family photograph."  We wanted pictures of the three of us.  We thought they would make nice Christmas presents.  The end result was that we got tons of lovely pictures of Mitzie . . . it seems she is very photogenic.  Us, on the other hand . . . we're not so photogenic.  So the photos of us are not so nice . . .

WE got a fairly nice picture of the two of us together . . . but basically any of us with Mitzie were not so good . . .


Although I do rather like the cheeky look that the Toddster is giving us here. 

Not too long after we got the photos back I was contacted by a company here in the UK called  Paramount Zone and asked if I would like to choose a gift for us to enjoy in our home.  Paramount Zone is an online gift company which offers lots of different product and gift items for pretty much every taste.  They had lots of things to choose from, everything from soup to nuts as it were, and from the very inexpensive to a bit pricier . . . something for every budget. I had a really difficult time choosing, but then I saw this . . . 


Seeing as we had just gotten all these lovely photos of Mitzie I chose this lovely photo clock.  We have a bunch of photo frames on our lounge wall, black . . . and pretty snazzy group ones too, which look quite similar to this clock.  I like them and so I thought this clock would be the perfect choice to showcase all those lovely photos we got of Mitzie.


The delivery was really quick.  It was at our door pretty much within a couple of days of me choosing it and in perfect condition as well.  I think it looks rather nice with all those photos of Mitzie in it, a definite accent piece!

Many thanks to Paramount Zone.  We love the clock and were well impressed with your quick and efficient service!


  1. I am glad for you Marie:)

    My daughter just created a space on her dining room wall with different photos and it's beautiful..
    This will be great w/ your new pics:)

  2. Hi! I follow your blog religiously (you have inspired many a meal at our house!) but haven't commented before. I just wanted to say that I think the picture of you and your husband is lovely! You should definitely get that on the wall. :)

  3. Aww, thanks yummy mummy! That's so kind of you to say that! Thanks!
    Monique, I love family pictures, but have very few of them. It's nice to be able to group the ones I have in an interesting way!

  4. Oh, what soulful eyes Mitzie has! She is indeed photogenic.
    It's good to see you and your hubby!


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