Some Tasty Cheese for the holidays

Monday 16 December 2013


As you all know I am a great lover of Boursin Cheese.  I often use it to cook with, both the Garlic Herb and the Black pepper variety.  So tasty in sauces, casseroles, mashed spuds and those baked jacket potatoes we all love so much.  I have a real thing for Boursin Cheese.

That's why I gladly accepted the recent offer to try out their Fig & Nut flavour . . . festively perfect for the holidays.

From their page:  A captivating combination of bitter and sweet, soft and hard. The creamy texture of the cheese gives way to the contrasting soft chewy texture of the fig and the harder crunch of the nut pieces.


We could not resist digging in to it and just indulging ourselves with it spread onto some Italian Crackers which I had in the cupboard.  It was fabulous . . .  just what you would expect from Boursin.  Each bite had  a depth of sweetness from the figs, a bit of crunch from the nuts . . . and that creamy Boursin tang which we both love!  It was half gone before we knew it!  *smack!*

Love, LOVE, LOVE!  

Be sure to check out all the information about this cheese and more on their page.

Many thanks to Lizzie and Boursin for sending us this tasty cheese to try.  I think you will love it too.  It would make a fabulous addition to your holiday cheese board!


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