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Tuesday 17 December 2013

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I was recently send some really nice Tala Baking things to help with my Christmas Baking.  Normally I like to put these things to use before I show them to you so that you can see how well they work, but I am running out of time and I do want you all to have the opportunity to go out and get some of these products to help you with your own Christmas baking if you can and so I am going to tell you about them now.  I can say with authority however that I have never had a Tala Utensil yet that I did not like, or that did not perform impeccably or live up to it's promise!

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This is the Tala Letterpress Cookie Set.  With this set you can make personalised cookies with your own message.

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Set contains three spring loaded cutters.   There are one each of a heart, star and scalloped rectangle, along with a letterpress stamp, 7 pre-set words / phrases and 2 sets of alphabet letters in a bag. Perfect idea for a special gift, placesetting of for fun with children.  The set is also dishwasher proof.

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They are brightly coloured and look to be very durable.

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You can slide an assortment of already put together phrases into the handy letterpress stamp, or use the individual letters included to create your own personal message.

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You can cut the cookies out and stamp them separately, or you can slide the prepared stamp into a handy slot on the bottom of the cookie cutter which conveniently places it in the proper position on your cut out cookie.   You can purchase these in a variety of places.

My search found them at:

The Craft Company for £8.14
Captain Cooks for £9.99
Amazon UK for £11.99

As you can see the price can vary a lot so do shop around.

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Next is this handy set 3 Holly Leaf Plunger Cutters. Perfect for cutting out fondant icings etc. to help to decorate your Christmas Cakes or pies.   There are three different sizes ranging from  a very about 3/4 inch in length to about 1 12 inches in length.

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These handy cutters feature a three holly leaf design with a veined effect.

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Simply press into icing and use plunger to place the shape onto your cake without handling.  They would be ideal for use with sugarpaste and flowerpaste.  Easy to clean.  Hand wash only.

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These cutters are what I used to help decorate my Christmas Tortiere this year.  (Tune in tomorrow for that recipe!)  They worked really well as you can see.

You can also buy these in a variety of places in prices ranging from as little as £2.98 and as much as £5.99, so do shop around.

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Finally there was this Spoon Shape Silicone Chocolate Mould.    It has been my experience that silicone is always quite easy to use.  This mould creates six chocolate spoons and has detailed instructions for making them printed on the back of the box.

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They are also dishwasher safe, which is a bonus when it comes to using something as fiddly to clean as this might be.   You can find them priced from between £2 to £3.95, so once again do shop around!  Wouldn't a set of chocolate spoons be a great addition to a pot of homemade hot chocolate as a holiday gift?   I think so too!

In any case I think they are all super!   For baking ideas and tips, do visit the Tala page at  Happy Baking Days.

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