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Sunday 6 July 2014

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The people at Eddingtons recently sent me some lovely new products to try out and review.  I've spent a few days using them now and am ready to tell you all about them.

First up the Salt Genie  . . .

The new Salt Genie dispenser has been specially engineered to prevent salt from clogging and to keep it free flowing.

Humidity and moisture in the kitchen and food preparation area can cause salt to clog. With its innovative Dri-Shoot design, moisture never reaches salt kept inside a Salt Genie. This means even if your work top is wet or your kitchen is humid the salt remains free flowing.

The Salt Genie is also the healthier way to season food as it will evenly, but not excessively distribute salt over your food, preventing too much salt from being poured as can often be done with traditional salt shakers. The internal Dri-Shoot eliminates clogging in humid conditions making the Salt Genie the ideal kitchen gadget to take with you on camping holidays, sailing trips or when abroad.

 Made from clear plastic the dispenser is easy to clean and because it is a closed unit there is less likelihood of dirt contaminating the salt. The Salt Genie is simply to fill and refill, the base simply unscrews.

As a person with High Blood Pressure, I think this is a great way to help me limit my salt intake.  I've been using this for several days now and the salt has stayed free flowing also.   That can be a problem here in the UK where we have a very damp climate.  It's an attractive design as well, with sleek lines, it looks nice sitting on the table.

Salt Genie, available at Play.com for £6.99

Another new product are the Sage Cutting Boards.    I was sent the 6 X 8 inch Bar Board.

Sage is the professional choice in durable food prep surfaces. Sage culinary surfaces are the essential work platform of professional kitchens. Extremely durable & dishwasher safe, Sage surfaces offer the character and performance of wood. They come with a lifetime guarantee so you know you can count on the quality. Sage wood fiber laminate is environmentally friendly, made from FSC Certified wood pulp.

These boards are American made, knife friendly, dishwasher safe and heat resistant, and available in two colours . . .  slate and natural. The Bar Board is perfect for slicing the lemon or lime for your pre-dinner drink. The Chop Board comes in two sizes and these boards are perfect for using daily for all your food preparation. If you enjoy making your own bread or pasta then why not treat yourself to the Scraper. Fitting easily into your hand the Scraper will help you to combine your wet and dry ingredients and help to ensure you get all the mixture out of your mixing bowl or off your work surface.

There is nothing worse than a chopping board that moves when you are chopping vigorously. To help prevent this from happening many cooks place a damp cloth underneath their board however Sage has the answer with their Non-Skid Chop Board. Thanks to the boards non-slip base , the board won’t move whilst it is being used.  

The Sage range is stylish enough that the boards can be used to take food to the table. With its in built groove to catch meat juices the Carving Board is ideal for carving your Sunday joint. If you’re a fan of pizza why not treat yourself to the Pizza Peel (available in Slate only), it’s the perfect way of serving up your favourite slice of Italy.  

The fact that I can just pop them in the dishwasher and sanitize them really appeals to me.  I am a bit pedantic about my cutting boards, especially after using them for poultry. The bar board is small but so convenient to grab for small tasks. The little leaf cut out in the corner is very handy for holding or hanging it up.

I really like that the surface will not dull my knives and yet is dense enough to not allow deep slice marks that can harbor bacteria. With a Lifetime Warranty, I am very impressed that this is a surface that will last at least twice as long as wood, bamboo, cork, or plastic boards.

Available from Knives and Tools in a varying price range.

Many thanks to Eleanor and the people at Eddingtons for sending me these new products to try out!


  1. They look good. Thank you for sharing.

  2. are both great ideas and i do really need!! thanks for sharing :-)


  3. I love when people send you things.
    Perfect you are to appreciate everything!

  4. I am a lucky girl Monique! xxoo

  5. Very nice products!

  6. Thanks Mary, I am lucky! xxoo


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