New Squeezy Vimto Water Enhancers . . .

Friday, 11 July 2014

Vimto Soft Drinks has come up with some new Vimto concentrated Squeezy water enhancers just in time for the summer hols.   Containing no added sugar,with natural flavourings they are extra concentrated and come in little squeezy pots small enough to carry in your purse.  Low in calories and using natural flavourings each container makes up to 25 individual servings.  You simply squeeze a portion into your bottle or glass of water and Bob's your uncle!  (.8ml for each 100ml of liquid)  I have been adding it to my bottles of sparkling water all week and it tastes really good actually!  I can see where it would be really appealing for children.  Much better for them than the sweetened drinks and very handy to carry around when you are out and about this summer.  Great for keeping the kids hydrated in a delicious way that they will enjoy and that as a mum you can feel good about knowing they aren't taking in any sugar or other nasties.  I can imagine they would be great for making frozen lollies as well.

Vimto Squeezy comes in a 50ml bottle and has an RRP of £2.49. It’s currently available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Co-op stores.

I was sent three bottles in the Original, Strawberry and Cherry flavours to try and I quite liked them.   Although I was sent these to try, my opinions are my own.   I reckon there are a lot worse things you could give your kids and if I had some kiddos in the house, I would be quite happy using this for them.

Note:  Do be careful adding them to sparkling water as they will cause the water to really bubble up!  I discovered this the first time I used it!

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