Super Healthy Corn and Black Bean Pizza

Friday 25 July 2014



Super Healthy Corn and Black Bean Pizza

Everybody wants to eat healthy, and even websites that aren't related to food will try to give you advice about how to get rid of that bingo belly. However, those recipes aren't necessarily really healthy. Here, we will give you a truly healthy recipe that includes the four food groups and is also tasty.

Swap the Pan for a Grill

A key factor in eating healthy is to start using the grill instead of rushing to your frying pans. Frying pans cook food by simmering the contents in fat. And where does that fat go? Your food absorbs it and forces you to consume much more saturated fat than you should. But that’s where your grill comes in!

Required Ingredients

·         1 diced plum tomato
·         1 cup of rinsed black beans
·         1 cup of fresh corn kernels (two ears)
·         2 tablespoons of cornmeal
·         1 pound of prepared whole-wheat pizza dough
·         1/3 cup of barbecue sauce
·         1 cup of shredded mozzarella

For the black beans, you can purchase a can. They will still taste great, and will also make the cooking process that little bit easier – but don’t forget to rinse them first. Otherwise you risk exposing your pizza to unpleasant dark goo, which will surely put off any kids from sampling what is a delicious dish.

Another recommendation is to use smoked mozzarella to help contribute to the overall smoky vibe of the pizza. However, you can just make to do with regular mozzarella if you find the smokier kind difficult to source.

A final piece of advice for the ingredients is to stick to the prepared whole-wheat pizza dough, as preparing your own from scratch is an incredibly difficult task. Do yourself a favour and just buy the premade. There will be no battling against the stickiness of the dough.

Advanced Preparation

Simply the cooking process by undertaking some advanced preparation of your ingredients. The sure-fire to not delivering the best possible dish is by leaving yourself too much work to do during the cooking process. Instead, why not have all of your ingredients ready to go? You can toss those black beans and diced tomatoes with salad greens and healthy vinaigrette in advance.

Core Cooking Process

Preheat your grill to a medium temperature, taking care to leave the door open. The oven and then your kitchen will only fill with smoke if you leave the door closed.

Take all of the pre-prepared ingredients – the tomato, beans and corn – and mix them together in a bowl. Let those wonderful flavours combine while you sprinkle the two tablespoons of cornmeal over a large baking sheet.

Position the pound of dough on the baking sheet and start to knead it into a circle, taking care to leave the cornmeal in position underneath. The aim is to coat the entire underside of the dough so that it can later be removed seamlessly from the sheet.

The time to remove the pizza base comes when you are ready to place it on your grill tray. The next stage is to cook the base for four to five minutes and without any of the other ingredients. Cook the dough until the crust rises and the bottom is lightly browned.

Take the base out of the oven once it has been browned and the crust has risen. Spread the barbeque sauce on the base, then following by adding the mixture of tomatoes, corn, and black beans, closely followed by the smoky mozzarella cheese.

Return the pizza to the grill and let cook for another four to five minutes, by which point the cheese will have melted and the crust browned further. Finish by letting the pizza stand for a minute before cutting it into six scrumptious slices.

Alternative Ingredients

The original recipe gives you protein, grains, fruit, and vegetables from the beans, whole-wheat dough, tomatoes, and corn. However, you can make simple tweaks to add or replace ingredients, as you so desire.

For instance, people that don’t like barbeque sauce can replace this ingredient with salsa. A different option is to increase the lean protein consumption by adding chicken or Quorn and taking away the mozzarella. The beauty of cooking is that you can explore the possibilities with your friends and family.


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