Whistle Dogs

Tuesday 18 November 2014

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When I was a child it was a real treat to eat out in a restaurant.  It wasn't something which happened very often actually.  I could probably count on one hand the number of times we ate out.  When we did we always wanted hotdogs and french fries.    Whistle dogs from the A&W were a real treat!  Of course that was back in the dark ages when you ordered your meal from a car and it was brought to you on a tray that hung off your car window.  Yes . . .  I am that old!  Sigh . . .

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 What is a whistle dog?   It's a hotdog stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon!  The ultimate indulgence!

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Little kids love them.  BIG kids love them . . .  crisp bacon wrapped around a cheese stuffed hot dog and friend, then served in a toasty bun with fried onions.  Who wouldn't love them?? What's not to like???

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I like mustard and relish on mine . . . and a touch of barbeque sauce.   I buy my sweet pickle relish online. It's not something you can find readily in the shops here, but I am thinking a chutney would go very nicely as well.   My prefered mustard is the Newman's Own Hotdog Mustard, which is sweet and smokey and a bit spicy!  No matter what you choose to garnish yours with, I guarantee you will love these!

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They're not pretty . . .  but beauty is highly overrated I think.  It's taste that counts!  And these be mighty good.

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*Whistle Dogs*
Makes 6
Cheese stuffed hot dogs, wrapped in bacon and fried.  Good stuff!

a bit of oil for frying
a knob of butter
1 large onion, peeled and thinly sliced
6 hog dogs
3 pieces of string cheese, cut in half lengthwise
6 slices of streaky bacon
12 tooth picks
6 hot dog buns, split and toasted
your desired garnishes
(ie ketchup, relish, pickle, mustard, mayo, barbeque sauce, etc.
 whatever floats your hotdog boat)  

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Place a large saute pan over medium heat.   Add the knob of butter and your onions to the pan along with a pinch of salt.   Cook the onions, tossing them in the butter over low heat until they are golden brown.   Remove and keep warm.  Wipe your pan out and set it back on the stove.

Cut slices into the hotdogs lengthwise without cutting them all the way through, kind of like a book which opens up.  Place one length of string cheese in the centre of each.  Secure one end of the streaky bacon to one end of each hot dog, then wrap it around the rest of the hotdog securing it with another toothpick at the other end.  Repeat with each hot dog.

Heat a bit of oil in the skillet until hot.  Add the hotdogs, about 3 at a time, and fry them for three to five minutes perside, until the bacon is crisp.   Drain on paper towels.  Remove the toothpicks.  Divide the cooked onions amongst the hot dog buns.  Top each with a hot dog.   Serve with desired garnishes.


  1. Ahhhh! I cannot remember the last time I had a hot dog, but I am telling you it will be SOON! These look fantastic! Thanks for this great idea!

  2. Marie, there is a drive in in my town where you can still order and eat in your car! (May through September only)

  3. You're welcome Wendy. I have to say they are very, very good! xx

    It would probably be too cold the rest of the year Ellen! But what a treat May thru September! I wish! xx

  4. Oh my gosh! I need a hot dog! They look great and fries too. And bacon, oh my! I'm drooling big time!

  5. I hope you'll give them a go Pam! xx


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