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Spiced Apple Croissants

 photo SAM_8116_zps710d3ad9.jpg

There is some that would think that using refrigerated croissant dough is a bit of a cheat, and I guess perhaps it is . . .  but I am not a snob in that way and I always have a tin of it in my refrigerator.  It comes in really handy for all sorts.  Today I used it to make these delicious Spiced Apple Croissants!

  photo SAM_8119_zps1b6dc211.jpg

I was really pleased with how they turned out and they were ultra simple to throw together.   I just grated some apple (so it would cook quickly) and mixed it with some cinnamon and brown sugar and then let it sit for several minutes.

 photo SAM_8117_zpsf5e91e1f.jpg

This allows some of the juices from the apples to be released so that they aren't too wet when the croissants are cooking.  I strain the juice off though and I reserve it to use in the glaze later on, so nothing and one of that apple flavour is wasted!

 photo SAM_8113_zpsd355c96a.jpg

Once you strain them, you simply unroll the dough, spread the apples on, roll it up and then place it on a lined baking sheet where it gets brushed with melted cinnamon butter . . . then they are baked until they are nicely puffed and golden brown . . .  they smell gorgeous!

 photo SAM_8122_zps9ed05a0c.jpg

After they have baked and cool down a bit, you whisk those reserved apple juices with some sifted icing sugar to make a scrummy glaze and that is drizzled over top of them all decoratively.  These were FABULOUS!  They screamed Autumn to me.  They smelled so good when they were baking, they had everyone in the kitchen wondering what was up . . .  and the taste, well . . .  you'll just have to bake them and see for yourself!

 photo SAM_8121_zpsc7acfaeb.jpg

*Spiced Apple Croissants*
Makes 6 to 8
(Depending on which side of the pond you live)

I had some refrigerated croissant dough which needed using and the Toddster loves apple and so I put them together with some really delicious results!  

1 tin of refrigerated croissant dough
2 granny smith apples
3 TBS soft light brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, divided
2 TBS butter, melted 

To glaze:
130g of  icing sugar, sifted (1 cup, confectioners sugar)
water or juice from apples to make a thin glaze 

 photo SAM_8123_zps9deb2887.jpg

Preheat the oven to 200*C/400*F/ gas mark 6.  Line a baking tray with baking paper.   Set aside.  

Peel and grate the apples into a bowl.  Stir in 1 tsp of cinnamon and the brown sugar.  Let stand for about ten minutes then strain the apples as best you can.   Reserve the juice to use in the glaze if desired.  

 photo SAM_8127_zpsab456213.jpg

Open the croissant dough tin and separate the dough into triangles.  Divide the grated apple mixture between each.  Roll up from the long end to shape.  Place on the baking sheet curving it slightly.  Mix the melted butter with the remaining 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.  Brush this over the top of each croissant.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until well puffed up and golden brown.  Remove from the oven.  Let cool on the pan for a couple minutes then scoop off carefully to a wire rack to finish cooling completely.  Whisk the icing sugar together with enough of the reserved apple juices or water to make a thick drizzle,  Drizzle this over the croissants decoratively.   Allow icing to set before serving.
Marie Rayner
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  1. I'd never thought of buying croissant dough - hence why I've never made croissants! I love the idea of flavouring them and these sound delicious - thanks!

  2. They are a very versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen Freerange girl! You can do all sort with them!

  3. I bet they are good..The first desserts I "made" were the apple turnovers from

  4. They are almost too good Monique! I remember those apple turnovers and the cinnamon rolls too! xx

  5. Yummy - everything I love is in these!

  6. Thanks Gill, I hope you will give them a go! xx

  7. I love finding new blogs to follow. What I love even more is finding out as I "stalk" them on Pinterest is that we share the same Faith! It makes following them even more fun. A new fan from across the pond in Portland, Oregon! Can't wait to try this recipe.

  8. Hi SStockhoff! Always happy to make a new friend and when it is someone who shares my beliefs? Well, you are right that makes it even better!! Welcome! xx

  9. I had some leftover dough from Christmas and some wrinkly old apples and this has been the perfect solution. It reminds me of the filling for Dutch apple cake , so I may top mine with toasted almond slices, mmmmmm

  10. Sounds good Danglydog! I think toasted slices almonds would be a lovely topping!


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