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Monday 12 January 2015

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Today I wanted to tell you about this cookbook that I received a few weeks back.  Entitled  Gut Gastronomy, this book will be released on 15th January 2015 and is published by Jacqui Small
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Written by Vicki Edgson and Adam Palmer, (photography by Lisa Linder) this innovative book s on the cutting edge of what is popular at the moment and introduces a whole new way of eating with a unique plan which has been developed specifically at Grayshott Spa, one of the world’s leading health spas  (Located in Surrey UK.)

This book  focuses on digestive health as a route to true health with a plan which promised to help to boost your energy and rebalance weight safely through a nutrient rich diet designed to give you everything you need nutritionally, in order to face the demands of modern life.

Dispelling the misguided notion of ‘detoxifying’ through spartan, punitive regimes the plan focuses instead on regaining good health by eating foods which will aid with  the body’s natural detoxification. The Plan can confidently recommend quality grass-fed red meats, fish, eggs, fermented foods, butter, avocado, and organic vegetables.

This is not a plan of deprivation,  but instead it is plan which includes a sensible and satisfying approach to food that brings you back to feeling great. The first section introduces you to the Plan, providing information and meal plans for a short-term course which promised  to help  rest and repair your digestive tract. The Post-Plan sections instructs you on how to introduce more foods into  your diet and keep your gut healthy.  The recipe section contains 100 delicious meals split into breakfasts, soups, main meals, vegetable sides, salads and special occasions.

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Normally I would show you a recipe which I had prepared from the book, but the plain truth is that I just have not had the time with Christmas and everything.  There are quite a few in the book however that have really caught my eye.  My sister is always making her own ferments . . .  sauerkraut and kimchi to name just two.  She often encourages me to do the same, but in all honesty I have been a bit afraid to do so.  After reading this book, I feel that I can do so without too much concern for poisoning myself by following their exact instructions and balance of ingredients.

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I am looking forward to trying their fermented red cabbage.  It does take several weeks to create but watch this space.  I hope to show it to you soon.   There are also recipes for a delicious looking range of smoothies  along with some great looking soups and salad dressings.   All in all I think this is a really good book and well worth investing in even if you didn't want to follow the plan.  You'll find some fantastic recipes and great ideas, and maybe even eat that little bit healthier. 

by  Vicki Edgson & Adam Palmer
(based on the health regime created by
Elaine Williams and Stephanie Moore
of Grayshott Spa)
Photograpy by Lisa Linder
Colour, hard back, 250 pages
ISBN - 978-1-909342-83-5

Published by JacquiSmall

RRP £30.00 UK  $45.00 USA, $49.99 Canada

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