Getting the Day off to a Good Start with the berry company

Wednesday 4 November 2015

 I was recently sent samples from The Berry Company of  three of their delicious range of juices.

Superberries:  A blended juice drink made with Red Berry Juices from concentrate.  The mix combines Pomegranate, Aronia, Cranberry and Grape juice concentrates.

Blueberry:  A blueberry juice blend made with fruits from concentrates, sweetened with natural flavours and natural sugars.

Acai Berry:  An Acai juice drink blend made with fruits from concentrates, sweetened with natural sugars and natural flavourings.  This amazing berry is packed full of taste and goodness; proving that not everything that is good for you tastes like medicine.

I found all to be very delicious.   They were very fruity with no aftertaste or artificial tastes.  I would buy these.

All of the Berry Company drinks are Gluten and Dairy free, with no artificial colourings, sweeteners or additives and no GMO's.    They come in both 330ml cartons for on the go, and 1 litre bottles for keeping the refrigerator stocked.   They make the perfect breakfast drink.

To find out more about these and their other drinks do check out The Berry Company website.

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