Glazed Mini Turkey Loaves

Tuesday 24 November 2015

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In my quest for eating healthier I baked us some delious Mini Turkey Loaves  for supper the other night.  These are FAB ulous!  Moist and filled with lovely flavours.

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 They don't photograph very well, but don't let the bad pictures put you off.  These little loaves are delicious and go down a real treat!  They are quick and easy to make as well and cook in a fraction of the time as a whole large meatloaf.

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Plus they are a great way to get some vegetables into the family without their knowing it.  Courgettes (zucchini), onions and red bell peppers.  I use all three for extra flavour and moistness.

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There is also a bit of a punch from smoked paprika!  And of course there is BBQ sauce used both in the meat mixture and as a finishing glaze.

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And a bit of bacon laid on top for some extra smokiness and well . . .  meatloaf always tastes better with bacon don't you think?   I served them with mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli for a really colourful and delicious meal which went down a real treat.  Nobody will even know they are eating healthy stuff. 

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*Mini Turkey Loaves*
Serves 5
Small single serving sized meat loaves made healthy and delicious with ground lean turkey, vegetables and tangy flavours.  Plus there's bacon! 

1/2 medium courgette, grated and then squeezed dry (about 3/4 cup)
2 TBS finely minced onion
2 TBS finely minced red pepper
60g of fine dry seasoned bread crumbs (1/2 cup)
60g of Barbeque sauce (1/4 cup)
1 large free range egg
3/4 tsp sweet paprika
1/4 tsp pimenton (smoked paprika)
1 tsp salt
500g of lean ground turkey (about 1/3 pounds)
5 slices of lean smoked streaky bacon, cut in half
more BBQ Sauce to glaze, about 1/2 TBS per loaf

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Preheat the oven to 190*C/375*F/ gas mark 5.  Lightly spray a large shallow baking dish with cooking spray.  Spray a small mini loaf tin also.  Set aside. 

Tip the turkey into a bowl.   Mix the courgette, onion, red pepper, egg, paprika, pimenton, salt and BBQ sauce together.  Add to the turkey along with the bread crumbs.  Mix well together.  Using the small mini loaf tin, shape into 4 equal shaped loaves, pressing the mixture in firmly to the small tin and then tipping it out into the baking dish.  Top each with one slice of bacon, cut in half crosswise, laying the slices crosswise over top.  Brush each with 1//2 TBS of BBQ sauce all over.

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Bake in the heated oven for 35 to 40 minutes until cooked through, glazed and juices run clear. 

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Nutritional Infomation:
Calories per loaf:  259
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 17g
Protein: 25g
Sugar 7.6g


  1. the meat loaves look fab but the sugar is still quite high, no doubt due to the barbeque sauce. have you considered making your own using a sugar sub? in any case, what time is dinner!

    1. I didn't think it was too bad considering, but yes, if you made your own using a sugar sub, it would be lower, Those sugar subs however have sugar alcohols i them, which still convert to carbs, so it's really the carbs you have to watch more than the sugars. Wish I could serve you dinner! xo

  2. yummy.!!
    looks Delicious and tasty.
    Thanks for sharing..

  3. what beautiful color Marie:))
    Look wonderful dear!!

  4. These looked so tempting that I had to try them. While turkey is not easy to find here, funnily enough you can get ground turkey in the freezer section, which always makes me wonder why they can't sell the fillets, crown roasts and whole birds!

    Anyway, as I had ground turkey, these were easy to make and were delicious with that fabulous bbq sauce and smoked paprika. I really liked that they were made in individual sized portions - easy to serve and convenient to store the leftovers. We will have those for lunch later in the week with some salad. Tonight we had them with the remainder of the dauphinoise potatoes from last night and some roasted romanesco.

    1. I am super pleased you tried these Marie. As always your dinner sounds lovely. I can't get things like romanesco anymore. I miss the versatility of vegetables, etc. that I could get in the UK. Now that I live in Hootersville, I can no longer access a lot of things. *sniff*sniff* Your dinner as always sounds lovely! xoxo


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