The Well Dressed Crock Pot

Wednesday 20 January 2016

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There are certain times of the week, month and year that my Crock Pot is my best friend and the most valued and used tool in my kitchen!  On Sundays when I know we are going to get home from church absolutely famished, it is such a simple thing to do to pop something into the crock pot before we leave, making sure that something tasty is waiting for us when we get home.  In the summer when you want something hearty and don't want to heat up the kitchen, the Crock Pot is a great ally, and in Winter, when the cold winds doth blow, there is no better way to create rib sticking hearty and comforting meals for the whole family!   Nothing could be easier.  Just pile it all in the pot, cover and turn it on.  The pot does the rest!

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Melt in Your Mouth Pot Roast by Joyously Domestic.  This literally does melt in your mouth.  With vegetables, tender meat and a delicious gravy, there is enough for some tasty leftovers to make a hash or pot pie the day after.

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Slow Cooker Herbed Turkey Breast by  Renee's Kitchen.    This delicious recipe ensures a tender and moist turkey breast every time.  Who doesn't love turkey!

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Easy Pierogi Casserole by Recipes that Crock.   We love pierogi in this house, but they can be a lot of work.  Not with this recipe however.  With a few simple ingredients and the crock pot, your family can be enjoying all the pleasures of tasty Pierogi with very little effort.  Let the pot do the work!

Butter Based Roast Chicken with Lemon and Thyme.  Succulent and tender.  Why settle for dry poultry when your crock pot makes sure it comes out moist and juicy every time! This fabulous dish has a delicious lemon and thyme flavoured gravy.  Perfect with the meat and a few veg on the side.

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Sandwiches in the crockpot?  You betcha!!  These Cheesesteak Sandwiches from Lets Dish Recipes are fabulously delicious and so easy to do as well!  I guarantee your family will love them!

Irish Lamb and Barley Stew.  Let your Crock Pot take care of Saint Patricks Dinner this year.   A meal in one with lamb, potatoes, cabbage and barley.  This will stick to your ribs in the most delicious way!

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This Slow Cooker Veggie Omelette from Diethood is proof positive that you can do more than cook meat in the Crock Pot.  it's a delicious mix of eggs, vegetables and cheese that will have your whole family scrambling for seconds!

 Lemon Spoon Cake

Lemon Spoon Cake by Love Foodies.  Who says crock pots are just for cooking the main meal?  Using a cake mix and a few other simple ingredients, dessert is served!  Sweet and saucy!

 photo caramel apple_zpsx0dcqsk0.jpg

Caramel Apple Cider from Number 2 Pencil.   The perfect beverage to warm up with when you are planning a day out in the cold and the wet.  Pop it on before you leave and by the time you get home, it will be ready to wrap your cold fingers around and warm your belly!

Crock Pot Butter Roasted Pecans.  Perfect for munching on during the game or with cocktails before dinner.  Who knew?  Bet you can't eat just one!


  1. Some good ideas there - I tend to do the same old thing in my slow cooker x


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