Pancakes for Pancake Day from Orgran Gluten Free

Saturday 6 February 2016

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I was recently sent some products from Orgran the Gluten Free people so that I could try them out before Pancake Day which is on Tuesday February 9th.  I am still waiting to hear whether I am a coeliac or not, (I go on Monday, wish me luck!)  so I was quite excited to be able to try these out.  Having to give up wheat and products which contain gluten is not an easy prospect, especially when you think of how many things are on the market which contain wheat or gluten and so options like these are really quite exciting!

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Orgran Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake mix is tummy friendly and gluten free.  I made the recipe on the box via the Vegan option, which also used the Orgran No Egg product which is good for people who have an intolerance to eggs.

Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix is wholesome and contains no added cane sugar making delicious and nutritious pancakes the whole family will enjoy. Buckwheat, the main ingredient, is part of the rhubarb family of plants and considered to be the best known source of high biological protein in the plant kingdom.

Orgran No Egg Egg Replacer contains no cholesterol, no lactose and no egg! It can be used in cakes, meringues or to make egg free mayonnaise. It is also great as a pantry fill as each packet has the equivalent of 33 eggs. You'll never run out of eggs again!

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The pancakes turned out really nice looking.   They were fluffy and looked pretty much just like regular pancakes.   I served them with butter (you can't have a pancake without butter) and with Agave syrup for drizzling over top.

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In fact if I hadn't know that they were gluten free, I would have been hard pressed to tell the difference.

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I was actually quite surprised as just how tasty they were.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't as good as what I got!  I really liked these and it is a product I would certainly buy and use.  Both the egg replacer and the pancake mix.

Orgran Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake Mix is £2.95 and is available from Amazon, Ocado and most good independant Health Food Shops.

Orgran is a leading brand manufacturing gluten free food products whose primary focus is on health and nutrition. Based on this philosophy, Orgran develops food products to assist people to improve their health and provide nutritional alternatives for those with special dietary requirements. Many people around the world trust Orgran to provide a large selection of healthy and tasty products that are free from major food allergens, minimising the need to decipher complex ingredient listings. Orgran offer a wide range of gluten free pasta, bread mixes, cake mixes, snacks and baking products.


Orgran products are available in over 50 countries worldwide. The Orgran production plant is one of the few in the world strictly dedicated to gluten free food production. Orgran produce an award winning gluten free pasta range.

 I have to say I was so pleased with the way that these pancakes turned out . . .  the texture, the taste, etc.  A lot of gluten free products fall short of the mark.  It was  not hard to see why Orgran is a leading band in the gluten free field!

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Many thanks to Orgran for sending me these products to try!

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