Game Day Finger Foods that are sure to please!

Sunday 7 February 2016


Be the hero of the party and serve up some really tasty game day food for tonight's Super Bowl American football extravaganza!  I have brought together all of my finger-food appetiser dishes that I think would go over really well with the family and guests.  With a delicious mix of the traditional and the not traditional, these are sure to put a smile on everyone's face as they root for their favourite teams!  Why not try something a tad bit different this year!

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Crispy Spiced Chicken WingsCrisp chicken wings with a lovely and crispy spiced coating served along with a cooling sweet chili dip for dipping.  The sweet chili sauce gives it a bit of a punch but also a cooling effect.  You can adjust the spice according to your tastes. 

 photo SAM_4100_zpsf7f98852.jpg

Gruyere and Mustard Sticks.  Simple to make and quick,these are crisp and buttery with a hint of spicy mustard inside and tangy cheese baked on the outside.

 photo SAM_2919_zpsc0eeecaf.jpg

Jalapeno Pepper Jam Baked Brie.  Ready for dipping or spreading on crackers!

 photo SAM_2489_zps4eac5136.jpg

Creamy Feta Dip.  It's creamy, salty and delicious!

 photo SAM_2498_zps853a9e77.jpg

Kofta Meatballs.  Kofta's are a very popular fast food over here, now you can have them bite sized!  They'd be breat with pita breads and cucumber raita to dip them in.

 photo SAM_7819_zps8af285d2.jpg

Hot Artichoke and Mozzarella Dip.  This is seriously scrumptious.  Mozzarella, Cream and Cheddar . . . and garlic and shallots . . . and sour cream . . . mayonnaise and  Dijon mustard . . . and herbs . . . and marinated artichokes.  So delicous.

 photo SAM_6728_zps23b57da2.jpg

Pizza Potato Skins.  Crisp, loaded with your favourite pizza toppings and served with a delicious sour cream dip for dipping!

   photo SAM_6572_zps96f3e08a.jpg

French Dip Burgers.  A delicious hearty burger served up in toasted French Bread with a beef broth dip.  So good!  Make em bite sized!

7 Layer Mexican Dip.    Everyone's favourite,


This  definitely makes for some incredibly delicious eating, with every scoop bringing you a variety of flavors . . . re-fried beans, tomato salsa, a rich creamy and spicy layer of cheese . . . not to mention crisp lettuce, chopped spring onions and meaty black olives. 

Pizza Puffs.  A tasty little appetizer that most people love. I have chosen to keep mine meatless, but you can add chopped pepperoni, or chorizo or cooked and crumbledbacon if you wish.  Serve with a tasty tomato dip.

Zesty Honey and Lime Chicken Wings.  These deliciously sticky, tangy and spicy wings will be gobbled up quick time. These are fabulous!

Spam and Pineapple Skewers.  Okay they are not traditional things you might think of when you are thinking of game day food, but these little babies are really tasty!  Simple to make as well!

Herb and Butter Toasted Crackers.  Perfect for nibbling or eating with cheese, or dips and spreads. These can be as snappy or as mild as you want. They are incredibly moreish. If you like you can go one step further and dust them with some Parmesan cheese as well. Yummily Scrummy!

Three Cheese Quesadillas with Cranberry Chutney.  Crisp, buttery and nicely browned on the outside, and scrummy yummy and gooey on the inside. . . and that chutney is the perfect go with.  But you can use any kind of chutney for dipping. Mango is really nice as well.

Best Cheese Spread.   Not traditional I know, but go with me here . . .  a fruity spicy cheese spread, served up with crisp gingersnap cookies or digestive biscuit fingers.  Deliciously different.  Call it somewhat of a dessert nibble!


Stilton and Walnut Shortbreads.  Served with a bit of cream cheese, some chutney and a toasted walnut on top, these are incredibly moreish.

Sweet Chili Cheese Puffs.  Not just for Christmas.


  1. :) So nice to share all your great recipes.

  2. The Hot Artichoke and Mozzarella Dip and the Baked Brie had me salivating. What a great collection of delicious finger foods. Now I just need an excuse for a party :)

    1. The hot artichoke dip is a dish I made often when I worked down South Marie. It was a favourite of the family when they were entertaining! The baked Brie is gorgeous! Maybe Valentines Day? Xo


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