Barbeque Beef Poutine

Thursday 11 February 2016

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I cooked a Beef Brisket in the slow cooker at the weekend for a special project I am working on.  (To be revealed at a later date.)  I ended up with a decent amount of leftover cooked brisket and decided to make a Poutine with it . . .  but not just any Poutine, but a Barbeque Beef Poutine!

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Poutine is a Canadian thing.  It started off as just chips with gravy and cheese on top  . . .  but you know how it goes . . .  it's a thing which can easily be adapted and switched up to incorporate a lot of flavours and ideas.  I love my Hot Turkey Poutine, which is a regular around here after Christmas and Thanksgiving where I get to use my leftover turkey, stuffing and gravy.  It's positively delicious and so is thiss Barbeque Beef version!

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 Leftover roast beef, simmered in a barbeque sauce and the spooned over chips and topped with cheese.  I love the Newman's own BBQ sauces.  I used a mixture of the Carolina BBQ Sauce and the Sweet Hickory Sauce.   Beautiful combination with a bit of a bite.  I loosened it with a bit of beef broth  . . .

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You could make your own chips for this, or even use chips picked up at the chippie.  I used a good quality oven chip.   Cheese curds are not readily available over here, so do feel free to use them if you can get them.  I used crumbled medium white cheddar cheese.  This was fabulous.

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*Barbeque Beef Poutine*
Serves 4

A simple and delicious way to use up the leftovers from the Sunday Roast. 

2 cups of leftover cooked roast beef (about 8 ounces)
(Try to shave it as thinly as you can, then cut it into smaller bits,
very easy to do when the roast has been refrigerated.  Alternately
you can use sliced roast beef from the supermarket)
120ml of good barbeque sauce (1/2 cup) (I used Paul Newman's, 1/2 carolina sauce and 1/2 hickory sauce)
120ml of beef broth (1/2 cup)
250g of medium white cheddar cheese, crumbled (1 cup)
1 four serving size bag of frozen oven chips 

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Preheat your oven and put in the oven chips to cook according to the package directions.  While the chips are cooking combine the barbeque sauce and beef broth in a sauce pan and heat through.  Add the cooked beef.  Heat through completely.  Remove the chips from the oven.  Spoon the Barbeque Beef over top and top with the cheese crumbles.   Return to the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.   Serve immediately to four very happy people!

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This was really, REALLY good. I do hope that you will give it a go!  You could just use half a pound of browned extra lean ground beef if you didn't have the leftover roast beef, and it would still be delicious!


  1. Can you believe I have never had poutine? Favored by many.. it's so popular here!

    1. That's amazing Monique, that you have never had it! You must try it one day! This was a great way of using up leftover roast. Todd really loved it! xo

  2. Poutine? I had never heard the term before (I am from the Midwest in the United States) but quickly caught on to it through the recipe. It sounds absolutely delicious and a good "mans" dish. I now know what I will use that leftover roast for that I have stashed in the freezer!

    1. It is indeed a man's dish Lynn! Women enjoy it also. I hope you will try it! And that you like it! xo


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