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Chocolate & Caramel Stuffed Croissants

 photo DSCN5824_zpswonfxong.jpg

 When I was growing up my dear Aunt Thelma used to send us up some lovely Easter Breads every year . . .  sweetly glazed with icing and decorated with candied cherries.  We loved them.  Easter and sweet breads go together like peas and carrots!  Think Hot Cross Buns . . .  this recipe today is only a bit of fun and one that the kids will surely love baking this Easter.  It's very simple to make!

  photo DSCN5823_zpstm4hfzdo.jpg

All you need is some refrigerated croissant dough and some caramel stuffed milk chocolate Easter eggs.  You just lay the croissant dough out and then roll it up around the Easter eggs.

 photo DSCN5825_zps5szrwwor.jpg

The only care you need to take is to make sure that the egg is completely enclosed and that there are no holes in the buns for the chocolate to leak out.

  photo DSCN5826_zpsxvoj0mby.jpg

 An egg wash and a sprinkle of demerara sugar ensures that they are golden brown with just a hint of crunchy sweetness on the outsides.

 photo DSCN5827_zpsmocgker1.jpg

You will also want to make sure that you let them sit for a few minutes prior to eating . . .  the filling can be quite hot and candy is involved.

 photo DSCN5831_zpsl39covsj.jpg

Everyone will be thoroughly delighted when they break them open and see all of that decadent chocolately loveliness lurking inside!  How to make friends and influence people?  Just make them one of these.

  photo DSCN5834_zpsttkqkpjw.jpg

*Chocolate & Caramel Stuffed Croissants*
Serves 6

Just a bit of Easter fun.  Decadent.   If you're a diabetic, you need to look away. 

1 tin of refrigerated Croissant dough
6 individual chocolate and caramel Easter Eggs, unwrapped
1 large free range egg yolk beaten with 1 tsp water
demerara sugar for sprinkling 

Preheat the oven to 200*C/400*F/ gas mark 6.  Line a baking tray with some baking parchment. 

Unroll the croissant dough and break apart at the perforations.  Place one caramel egg on the wide end of each triangle.  Roll up as per directions on the tin, taking care to completely enclose the easter eggs, and twisting it well shut on the ends.  Place a few inches apart on the baking tray.  Brush with some beaten egg and sprinkle with some sugar. 

Bake for about 10 minutes until well risen and golden brown.  Let stand for about 10 minutes prior to eating.
Marie Rayner
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  1. :) They do look like an Easter Brunch:)

    1. I think only a child could eat them and really enjoy them Monique, but they are fun! xo

  2. These look so good. I don't dare have them in my house. I think I could eat the whole batch.


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