Healthy Options for Saint Patricks Day

Thursday 17 March 2016

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 I thought it would be fun to share some healthy Saint Patrick's Day options today which I have gathered from around the www.   All look tasty.  All look simple.  All are very healthy, diabetic friendly and sure to a smile on your Saint Patrick's Day loving family's faces! So put on your green and lets eat some healthy grub!

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A Healthy Green Smoothie Bowl from The Adventure Bite. Start your day off right with creamy avocado, healthy greens and fruits!

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Lucky Spinach Quiche.  How cute is that!  From Diamonds for Dessert.

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 From Eating Well.   Steak with  Cheddar Roasted Cabbage.  A mix of roasted cabbage and red onion is topped with melted cheese for a divine side to steak in this quick and healthy dinner recipe. Serve with a mixed green salad or toasted and lightly buttered bread.  Diabetic friendly.

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Irish Lamb Stew  is quite like an Irish penicillin.  This stew is rich ad full of  potatoes, leeks and carrots . .  sure to cure whatever ails you. In traditional fashion, nothing here is browned first, just all stewed together. To keep it healthy make sure to trim the lamb of any visible fat before you cook it.  Low in calories, saturated fat and also diabetic friendly.

 photo 1503p55-slow-cooker-beef-cabbage-potatoes-carrots_zpswmnoypnq.jpg

A Saint Patricks Day feast with Slow Cooker Beef and Cabbage with Potatoes and Carrots. The  traditional flavor profile of corned beef and cabbage has been created without the traditionally massive sodium and preservative spike.  Beef brisket is simmered in a strong aromatic spice blend at low and slow heat.  Low sodium, healthy and delicious.

 photo 1003p10-guinness-stew-x_zpsz0cpajyg.jpg

A Hearty Beef and Guinness Stew  made with lean boneless chuck that's cooked with carrots, parsnips and turnips and flavored with dark beer. Simmered in a Dutch oven for several hours creates meat and vegetables that are fork tender and delicious.  You will want a crusty roll to sop up all that deliciousness. Healthy and diabetic friendly as well.

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 Sheet Pan Kale and Potato Hash with Eggs.   Diabetes appropriate, low calorie, highly nutritional and gluten free!

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 Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread.   Soda breads are hearty Irish staples made with wholemeal flour along with  large flakes of bran and wheat germ, or white flour or a mixture leavened with baking soda and moistened with buttermilk.  Delicious.  Low calorie, low cholesterol, low fat, high fibre and hearty healthy.

 photo FNM_030110-Green-Bites-004-b_s4x3.jpg.rend.snigalleryslide_zpsmvmmfzic.jpeg

A deliciously healthy appetizer.  Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls.   Like lettuce wraps but using savoy cabbage.  Cooked cabbage leaves spread with a tasty herbed mayo (use low fat) and chopped corned beef and rye bread.  Different and healthy!  Diabetic friendly as well.

 photo 0610p238-ginger-cake-x_zpsnwzaos9a.jpg

 Gingercake with Guiness.  Like a gingersnap cookie but in cake form.  Delicious!  Not totally healthy, but not totally bad either, especially if you use a low fat whipped topping.  (You can semi freeze evaporated low fat milk and whip it, did you know!)

 photo rainbow-fruit-salad-parfaits_zps1bgzv87m.jpg

 And finally from Just Another Day in Paradise some healthy fruit salad parfaits.  Eat a rainbow!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Monique. Healthy is a good thing! xo

  2. Wonderful Irish meals! Thanks for sharing! We are having corned beef and cabbage and green jello

    1. You're welcome Elizabeth. I have green jello in the fridge also! xo

  3. I really love that Lucky Spinach Quiche. People are so clever and creative. I've bookmarked that for next year. St Patrick's Day is not celebrated here, but I like to mark the day anyway - it's also my parent's wedding anniversary (60 years today) so we always had a double celebration when I grew up.

    It's so good to see you post - I've been thinking about you all day.

    1. Thanks Marie! I appreciated everyone's happ thoughts! A double celebration sounds like fun! Xo


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