Garden Tomb Cookies

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Garden Tomb Cookies. These easy delicious cookies are the perfect make for the children for Easter treats, plus they help to teach them for the reason for the season in a most delicious way.

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest one day last week, but could not find any instructions and so I decided to try to make them myself and write things out clearly so that other people could make them too.  

Whoever it was that did the original ones I thank you for the Inspiration!

There was no internet to inspire me when my children were growing up.  No craft Television. 

No cooking television, etc.  We had Madame Benoit on Take 30 and Wok with Yan and Julia Child, all great cooks, but nobody did things like this.

For this type of inspiration I would have relied on family magazines such as Chatelaine, or Women's Day, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping. 

 And I would have had to have the money to buy them.  Young mums today are so very blessed to have the wealth of inspirational resources that they have at their fingertips!

If you are a religious family, and we happen to be, the making of these would make a great family activity.

 It would provide a great opportunity for you to create them together with your children and talk about the Easter Story. And then you could eat the when you were done.

They are very easy to assemble and I can't think of any child that would not enjoy this activity and get something out of learning about the Resurrection Story.  

You can find a picture story of it here if you are interested.

 We have a family that lives not too far of us.  They have three lovely children.  

These children were kind enough to bring my husband some get-well cards a few month back and a small stuffed toy for comfort.  

These cookies are destined for them. I know they will appreciate them!

It is at times like this that I miss having my grandchildren close by.  These are things we could be doing together, but alas, at least I have these children around the corner!  

You have to count your blessings where you find them!  

These are really easy to make and cute when they are done.  

I had fun planning and making them.  I hope you will too!

*Garden Tomb Cookies*
Makes 16
These are a great treat to make with your children at Easter.  It also helps to remind them of the true meaning of the sacred meaning of this holy day. 

two packs of double jam filled cookies
 (I used Jammie Dodgers, which have 8 in each pack)
(you want a double cookie that has a hole in the top 
cookie that resembles the door to the tomb.)
16 flat round cookies (I used Digestives, 
but Social Tea would also work. You just want a
plain flat round cookie)
1 recipe of vanilla butter cream (see below)
green sprinkles
coloured sprinkles
Candy covered mini chocolate eggs 

For the Butter Cream:
3 TBS softened butter
390g icing sugar, sifted (3 cups)
1 tsp vanilla
1 to 2 TBS milk 

To make the butter cream, sift the sugar into a bowl. Drop in the butter.  Beat in the vanilla and enough milk to give you a stiff but spreadable icing. You will want it a bit stiffer than what you would want on a cake as it has to hold things up.  You will have more icing than you need, but you can also beat a bit more milk into it afterwards and use it to ice cupcakes or some other cake. 

Assemble all of your ingredients.  Make one Garden Tomb at a time.   Spread a round flat cookie with a generous amount of butter cream. Stick a double cookie on top of it perpendicularly so that it looks like the garden tomb.  Sprinkle green and coloured sprinkles around and place one chocolate egg decoratively in front of the tomb. I also like to place two behind the tomb to help keep it in place.  Repeat until all of your cookies have been assembled and decorated. 

Store in a single layer in a tight container.  

Note - If you are of a religious bent, making these together with your children is a wonderful opportunity for you to talk about Easter and all that it means.

Garden Tomb Cookies

I reckon these would also be great to share with a Sunday School Class.  Happy Easter and Bon Appetit! 

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Garden Tomb Cookies 


  1. You did a super job:)

    And yes..Woman's Day..Family Circle..and even then..we had to count our grocery money:) To make sure you could pop a mag in the basket:) 45 yrs ago things WERE different.

    1. Thanks Monique, they were a lot of fun. Loaded with sugar, though, lol, but fun! Oh yes, things were so very different. Sometimes I had a few pennies extra for a magazine, but more often than not I didn't! We would also share magazines with out friends so everyone could benefit from what was in them! xo

  2. In our house, it's figoli - a Maltese almond cookie. You'll see them decorated much like sugar cookies at Christmas. My wife's family use human or animal cutters and place a chocolate egg in the centre. Despite Malta being a very Christian country and having paid host to St. Paul, its pre-Christian roots run very deep.

    1. Oh, I do so love reading about other people's holiday traditions Pat! Thank you so much for sharing! Xo


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