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Tuesday 18 April 2017

With drier and warmer days in the offing, its time to think about cracking open the BBQ.  There is nothing to get the taste buds tingling than the smell of charcoal briquettes in the BBQ wafting on the breeze! There is something almost primeval about cooking our food over an open fire!  I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy food which has been cooked in this manner!

I love a good steak, burger or hot dog done on the BBQ, but there is really so much more that can be done with a BBQ that that.  I Love My Barbecue, the latest book in the I Love series from Nourish Books  is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to enhance and expand their grilling techniques and repertoire or recipes!  Written by Hilaire Walden, this is a book that focuses on fresh ingredients and ingenious ideas from a wide range of cultures and cuisines there is a dish to suit everyone and every occasion!

It starts off with an in-depth introduction to the art of Barbecue which is very informative as far as equipment, techniques, safety advice, and how-to's go!  What follows is  six beautifully photographed chapters containing more than 100 delicious and diverse recipes including . . .

Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about cooking Poultry . . . . 


Delicious meats . . .

Fish and shell fish  . . .

Tasty dishes for the Vegetarian in your life . . . 

A variety of sauces, salsas and marinades . . . 

And even a selection of tempting desserts.

More than 100 delicious and divers recipes, including new takes on traditonal dishes, such as Indonesian Pork Burgers and Chicken, Mango and Mint Kebabs, as well as more exotic dishes like Salmon with Spiced Tea Marinade . . .  vegetarian and vegetable dishes that will wow even the most sceptical carnivore ad many vegan recipes as well, so that everyone can join in on the festivities!

There is no better time than now to transform your barbecue skills with techniques, equipment essentials and recipes for amateurs and experts alike.  No matter the audience or occasion, this book has the recipes and know-how to impress and fire up your confidence as you fire up the grill!  With beautiful photography and great sounding recipes, this is a book which will open up cooking possibilities for you that you never knew existed!

  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Nourish (20 April 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1848993196
  • ISBN-13: 978-1848993198 
About the author: Hilaire Walden has a range of food and cooking experience spanning over 45 years.  She has published more than 45 cookbooks and has written for many national newspapers, women's lifestyle and cooking magazines.  She also lectures and works as a consultant to food companies.

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