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Monday 17 April 2017


One of my favourite things about having a food blog is that occasionally it affords me the opportunity to try something new that I might not have tried otherwise.  I was recently contacted by The Skinny Bakery and asked if I would like to try some of their cakes.  Cakes which have less calories, fat and sugar than regular cakes.  As a diabetic I am always on the lookout for a sweet treat that I can enjoy on occasion and so I said sure, send them along!  

The Skinny Bakery is a company started by Mariella Forte who, from a young age, became a keen baker and after looking into the science behind food, decided she wanted to create yummy treats but with lower calories, sugar and fat. Very impressive!

I was sent a delectable assortment, including:
 - Skinny Chocolate Pearls (chocolate sponges piped with their signature tofu-chocolate frosting. Low fat and a good source of protein. 21% tofu, 25% low fat yoghurt. 208cals per pack)
-Skinny Sweet Potato Brownies (sweet potato brownie bites, gluten and dairy free recipe, made with 46% sweet potato and sweetened with dates. 189calories per pack)
-Skinny Coconut Bites ( vegan coconut balls with only 5 ingredients. No added sugar and wheat free. 212 calories per pack) 

-Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies ( Chocolate cookies made with egg whites and dairy-free chocolate. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. 141 calories per pack.)
-Skinny Mini Flapjacks ( 5 mini flapjacks, with dates, a hint of coconut and sea salt. 202 calories per pack)
-Skinny Beetroot Pearls (beetroot sponges piped with a quark based low fat cream cheese frosting. 169 calories per pack.)

-Skinny Mini Gingerbread Men (3 soft mini gingerbread biscuits – only 36Kcal each)
-Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies ( Pack of soft dairy-free chocolate chip biscuits – only 37Kcal each)

AND my absolute favourite . . . 

-Skinny Carrot Cake Pearls ( Carrot cake sponges piped with a quark based low fat cream cheese frosting.)

All of them were delicious.  And it was nice to feel like I was actually putting something a bit healthier into my mouth, instead of a whole pile of sugar.   I really, really enjoyed them, and I think it is something which I will buy myself in the future, especially since most of they can be frozen for up to six months, which means I can stock up, pop them in the freezer and then just enjoy as and when. 

They have free world wide delivery on any order over £29.99 and here is a list of the countries they deliver to, along with estimated delivery times:

And I can also offer you, my readers, a Coupon worth 10% off
just enter the code marie10 at the checkout

You can order from their website:
Their products are also available in Selfridges.

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Many thanks to The Skinny Bakery for sending me these delicious cakes to try.  Although I was sent them free of charge, I was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions are completely my own. I quite simply love LOVE them!  (Especially the Carrot Cake ones!)


  1. I don't understand how anyone can enjoy these! They are previously frozen (not indicated anywhere on their website) so they don't send us freshly baked goods. For the amount you pay, you'd expect better. What I recieved looked incredibly different to the photos on their website. When I tried to complain, they were unhelpful and proceeded to block me from their Facebook and Instagram page. As their goods are so tiny, they are of course going to be low in calories.

    1. Admittedly they are tiny. I found them to be quite delicious however, and the ones I received looked exactly as what I had expected. For someone who is watching their weight and wanting a little treat, I feel these deliver perfectly, and I stand by my review. Anything else is a matter of taste! I am sorry you have had a negative experience.


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