Tovolo Ice Keeping You Cool This Summer

Monday 8 May 2017

Bored with traditional ice cube and ice lolly makers? Tovolo has a unique range of ice moulds and novelty ice pop makers that are sure to help the whole family keep their cool this summer.

A refreshing ice lolly is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, but storebought ice pops are often laden with sugar and artificial colourings. Tovolo’s 3D Novelty Ice Pop Makers allow you to create your own, so you know exactly what ingredients are going into the lollies.

Available in five designs, Penguin, Monsters, Zombie, Dino and Thumbsicle, these moulds will appeal to both kids and adults alike. Each set creates 4 fun frozen treats: simply place the silicone moulds into the tray and fill with your choice of fruit juice, smoothie, milkshake or yoghurt. Once filled, pop the handle into the ice pop sleeve to create a unique, fun shape and then place in the freezer. The silicone moulds are extremely detailed and due to the flexibility of the silicone you won’t lose any of the detailing as you pop them out.

Ever wondered how your bartender creates those crystal clear ice cubes?

Now you can too with the Tovolo Clear Ice System. Available in King Cube and Sphere designs, these moulds push all of the oxygen in the water into the bottom mould, creating one regular ice cube and one that is crystal clear. Simply place the flexible silicone moulds inside the outer casing, fill with water and freeze.

Due to the larger size of the ice cubes, they will also melt more slowly so your drink doesn’t become diluted in the way it can with traditional ice cubes. Ideal for serving your Whiskey on the rocks, Gin n Tonic, Sangria or simply add to your favourite tipple on a hot day.

Surprise your friends and family at summer barbecues with Tovolo’s Skull Ice Cubes, they’re guaranteed to get your guests talking. The detailed silicone mould creates jaw dropping, slow-melting ice cubes that cool your drinks without diluting them. The set features three skull moulds that fit into one stackable tray – helping to save space in your freezer.

These unique Tovolo ice products are available from the Arugula and Rocket Cookshop – click here for more details


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